Dienstag, 30. April 2013


This day the TV works at work... 
colleague Lady Kate dressed in orange wearing her crown... fun!

Later Barbara Bee and me... 
was celebrating with our Dutch (blog-)friends the change of the throne... here in Hamburg in the 'Café Paris' with some coffee, papercrowns and lot of fun!

Photo Freie Presse

 PS. She has made the better photo of us...!

Sonntag, 28. April 2013


Es war kalt und sonnig... ein Flohmarkt und ein Kaffee mit der bezaubernden Azalee lockten... die Mädels okkupierten meine Rechner, während ihr Bruder unterwegs war. Später Wäsche gewaschen, aufgehängt... beim Tatort die trockene, saubere gefaltet. 

It was cold and sunny... a fleamarket and a coffee with the charming Azalee tempted... the girlies occupied my PC during their brother was on the road. Later I wash the laundry, hang out... folded at the Tatort (TV) the clean, dry one. 

It has been such a stunning drawing challenge...
 you made my day with your lovely comments! Many thanks! 
I will come all around... dance to your beautiful places, 
real soon now.

Samstag, 27. April 2013

100th dc DANCE!

May I introduce Harald Kreutzberg to you... 
like a father he brought my Grandmother a doll from his tour in the U.S. in the late 20th
 of the last Century. He was a German Expressionist Dancer... has studied dance with Mary Wigman (look at her witch dance!) and Rudolf Laban.

As I browse through my memory I remember

...and on to live performances  e.g. of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker with her
 ROSAS on Kampnagel here in Hamburg...

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. <i>Violin Phase from Fase: Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich</i>. 1982. Concept, direction: De Mey. Choreography, performance: De Keersmaeker. Music: Steve Reich. Violin: George Alexander van Dam. Performed at The Museum of Modern Art, 2011. © 2011 Yi-Chun Wu/ The Museum of Modern Art

and dances by herself 
... I wasn't there... but one day... one day... Like in Berlin last year as
I have enjoyed the dancing of

pirate Sara (in red) with Yasmeen Goddar's 'Storm End Come'. 

I have done my weekly lesson of  the Feldenkrais method yesterday...
 consciousness through movement. We have played at the twill of the spine... 
 For me dance means a lot of spirituality... it connects one with heaven and earth... with ALL.

So I take the motive of dancing dervishes on a black and white floor... inspired by 'Yolanda and the thief' vide supra... and draw it pure only with a pencil on paper.

Sweet Patrice is our host this week with her thrilling theme DANCE. Move your body.. and mind... to her exciting place and dance with inspiring artists around the world!

And: This sweet lady here, Elisabeth once Textilspanieln aka Garnapa reminded us to draw
two years ago. I did any drawing challenge here by now... every of the last 100! and it really has changed my life... for me it is a rehabilitation... after my study with censure. To do the challenge week after week and to meet you, very inspiring, favourable friends is important for me. I feel like a million dollars... Thank you all! From the bottom of my heart!
No 99 Tiles

Today: DANCE the No 100 at the 27th + 28th of April at Patrice's!

Next: No. 101 at the 4th + 5th of May with hostess Tania. Her theme BURLESQUE

Follows: No 102 at the 11th + 12th of May with Barbara Bee

Who is next? 


credit: first pic by Walde Huth, 1952. 
Pic of Elisabeth by her.

Love to you! Happy weekend!

Dienstag, 23. April 2013


 Hier ganz in der Nähe 
der Burg am Eisenbach wurde Elisabeth von Eleonore zur Welt gebracht... und ist ihr Vater Emmanuel als Klempner vom Dach dieser Kirche gefallen... er brach sich dabei ein Bein... vor ca. 100 Jahren. 
 At close quarters of 
the Castle at the Eisenbach Eleonore gave birth to Elisabeth... and her father Emmanuel fell as a plumber from the roof of this church... he brake his leg... about 100 years ago.

Ein Mönchsgrasmückenpärchen im Ahorn 
und Herr Amsel zu Besuch auf dem Balkon... und plötzlich war mein Akku leer...grmpf!

A pair of blackcap in the maple and Mr. Blackbird visiting on the balcony
...and suddenly my battery is flat...grmph!

Montag, 22. April 2013

Sonntags Nachlese | Fliesen

 Am Eisenbach beginnt es sanft zu grünen... Akeileien kichern und die jüngste Prinzessin sammelt paar Körnchen Vogelfutter auf... als...

At the Eisenbach it starts to turn green softly... Aquilegias giggles and the youngest Princess picks up some granules of birdseed... as...

 die Königin von der Burg noch mehr Fliesen findet. Diese hier oben bemalte die ältestete Prinzessin vor ein paar Jahren und diese hier unten fand sie vor zig Jahren auf Malta...

the Queen of the Castle finds still more tiles. This one above painted the eldest Princess some years ago and this one below she found umpty-ump years ago on Malta...

 Manche Vorlieben ändern sich wohl nicht...

Many affectations can't be helped...

bevor ich alte Zeitschriften wegwerfe, reiße ich noch sehenswerte
 Seiten heraus, auch Werbung... und als ich nun einen Stapel durchblätterte, habe ich dort noch mehr Fliesen hier...

ere I trash old mags, I tear out worth seeing pages, even advertising... and as I browse 
through a stack, I have found anymore tiles here...

  und dort gefunden... and there...

 und... wäre das nicht auch eine tolle Stickvorlage?!

and... wouldn't that a pretty cross-stitch-chart, too?!

 Herzlichen Dank für Eure tollen Fliesen bei der dc vom Wochenende!
My cordial thanks for your beautiful tiles at the dc last weekend!

Looking forward to the 100th, yay!

Samstag, 20. April 2013


 Please, come on in!
Have a coffee or tea... I will come a little bit later Here I am with my tiles ... my theme of this 99th drawing challenge. 

 I have been pretty amazed...
 'cause suddenly I have seen tiles everywhere... been surrounded by tiles!... for example in some mags, too:

 Living at home, 04/13

but here it's a wallpaper... and I like that pattern very much!...

 Hmmm... what about making it by myself... build a mould and cast in gypsum?...

 or... the other way round!

I take modelling clay...

 roll it out like a cookie dough and affix a stamp

cut it out and have a few sweet tiles dying in the sunlight... each one an unicum

 ... and... looking around I find more patterns

You are heartily welcome to look at beautiful tiles by wonderful artists who reported to participate this week's dc:

anybody else?

 Have a nice weekend... 
and we will see us to the drawing challenge No. 100 at dear Patrice's!


No 95 Moon

Now: No 99 at the 20th + 21st of April here at my place with... TILES

Follow: No 100 at the 27th + 28th of April at Patrice's



    Ihr Lieben,  i m Gegensatz zum Tagebuch, das nicht von Anderen gelesen werden soll, ist so ein Weblog etwas, das gerne geteilt wird. So ...