Sonntag, 14. April 2013

Invitation dc No 99

Laying under my chestnut branch indoors 
my mind wanders to different places... a Hurray! for imagination... and inspiration! 

How about a new theme for the 99th of drawing challenge? What about...


 May I invite you for this theme, please?

Tell me you are in and I will publish here a list of players 
for the weekend, the 20th + 21st of April

PS: I will come to your beauty, soon.

13 Kommentare:

  1. Hello Ariane.
    Yes, please count me in!
    xo Carole

  2. schönes Thema - ich mach gerne mit!
    hab eine sonnige Woche
    x Stefanie

  3. tiles....
    not an easy one
    i will give it a try
    so yes
    count me in!
    i will think about a suiting theme
    of the 100th dc!


  4. Mmm hmm i am with Patrice
    a hard challenge but I will give it a shot.
    love, sus

  5. dear Ariane, no idea if it will be easy or not right now, count me in anyway please :) x

  6. I would love to partake but I'm traveling the end of the week and will have no way to post...but I may sneak in the middle of next week if I can manage it- looking forward to seeing everyone's :)

  7. Hi Ariane! A happy event. 100. A landmark. With tiles. I see Islamic architecture in my mind's eye. Thousands and thousands and thousands of tiles in my mind's eye. Let us see where that may lead. Count me in please. Love N, xo

  8. Ich bin spät, aber ich bin dabei!
    Ich liebe schöne Fliesen und Kacheln...


  9. oh ich schaffe es diesmal doch nicht, tut mir leid, liebe Ariane
    wünsche Dir viel Spass mit dem wirklich schönen Thema
    aber bitte ohne mich!

  10. Hello Ariane, if I am not too late I would love to join in this challenge.

  11. I was going to pas because there are so many things going on, but after a cup of tea and a lovely chat with Sue C., I am ready to jump in.



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