Dienstag, 2. April 2013


Als alle zur Schule gegangen sind, nehme ich noch ein Spezialfrühstück ein... und bewege ein paar Gedanken in meinem Kopf... finde Verbindungen.

As all have gone to school, I take a special breakfast... and move some thoughts in my head... find connections.

Needleworks by amazing Hagar of Happy Red Fish

Und: Zum Geburtstag alles Gute und Liebe, liebste Elke... Maman!

... and even to Maria Sibylla Merian ;)
thank you for the hint, dear Nadeschda... and she would be a wonderful theme for the drawing challenge, indeed!...


  1. i love the work with the birds..they are lovely!!

  2. Your breakfast, perfect. Your calm, contagious.
    Happy Birthday to Maria Sibylla Merian!
    Thanks. xo Carole

  3. :)))
    yes, i've been in awe over merian. always nice to discover and uncover. hägar is a help! you've been seeing threads in nature though, haven't you? i notice... i wonder what's gonna come of that?...
    okay. good night, and good luck.
    yes, too late. mama mia.

    1. ...ja... those threads...
      they are taut over the fishponds about the raptorial birds...

      x A.

  4. das geheime schokogenießen der mamas ;)
    so tolle fadenbilder!
    alles liebe


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