Dienstag, 30. April 2013


This day the TV works at work... 
colleague Lady Kate dressed in orange wearing her crown... fun!

Later Barbara Bee and me... 
was celebrating with our Dutch (blog-)friends the change of the throne... here in Hamburg in the 'Café Paris' with some coffee, papercrowns and lot of fun!

Photo Freie Presse

 PS. She has made the better photo of us...!


  1. Na, soviel besser sind meine Fotos auch nicht, wir sehen aus wie die Karnevalsdeppen, aber gut, Spaß hatten wir. Dafür hast die tollen Blumen hach! und den richtig tollen post!
    War wieder viel zu kurz mit Dir, danke für den erquicklichen nachmittag!

  2. ;^))))

    wishing i could have
    celebrated it with you two!


  3. ich habe im fernseher auch alles mit angeschaut. könig,königin, prinz und prinzessin, diadem, krone, schöne kleider ach was will frauenherz mehr.

  4. Orange, one of my favorite colors! So glad you and Barbara could meet up to celebrate - xxoo, sus

  5. te gek! as they say in dutch!
    i love queensday! and i love the fact that you two are celebrating it together, and with us.
    dear ariane,
    have you ever been to the netherlands on queensday? so much fun! if you choose a sweet corner...

    love, hugs

  6. like a fairytale, he? kings & princes... it's funny, as i was pushing and shoving boxes from under the studio tables and back again, i listened live to that song they've made... it sounded, erm, spirited... ;)))
    you mean you and barbara met up? cool!

  7. ... da wäre ich aber gerne dabei gewesen!
    you two made my day:))
    love, julia

  8. It was on this very holiday ( Queensday 2002) that Zach and I first flew into Amsterdam! Orange everywhere!
    By the way, I danced for 100!! Visit why don't you.

    Love from California,


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