Samstag, 20. April 2013


 Please, come on in!
Have a coffee or tea... I will come a little bit later Here I am with my tiles ... my theme of this 99th drawing challenge. 

 I have been pretty amazed...
 'cause suddenly I have seen tiles everywhere... been surrounded by tiles!... for example in some mags, too:

 Living at home, 04/13

but here it's a wallpaper... and I like that pattern very much!...

 Hmmm... what about making it by myself... build a mould and cast in gypsum?...

 or... the other way round!

I take modelling clay...

 roll it out like a cookie dough and affix a stamp

cut it out and have a few sweet tiles dying in the sunlight... each one an unicum

 ... and... looking around I find more patterns

You are heartily welcome to look at beautiful tiles by wonderful artists who reported to participate this week's dc:

anybody else?

 Have a nice weekend... 
and we will see us to the drawing challenge No. 100 at dear Patrice's!


No 95 Moon

Now: No 99 at the 20th + 21st of April here at my place with... TILES

Follow: No 100 at the 27th + 28th of April at Patrice's


13 Kommentare:

  1. ;^)))
    i will
    drink coffee
    are you
    like me
    waiting for your tiles
    to dry?

    see you later!

  2. I would like to have a cup with you, dear Ariane!
    cheers to the 99th d.c.
    nice picture the one with your feet... beautiful madame!
    Ich verneige mich herzlichst

  3. Arian, you're tiles are just magnificent...I like the one with flowers. Wonderful! xx Ingrid

  4. what a delightful, literal take on tiles! aren't they just so pretty, in the glaring sunlight (it's the sun that's so bright, right?)! i feel like playing about with clay now,... i love where you took your inspiration from as well, old 'flemish' tiles too, i see; well these were to be found all over europe in the past century, undoubtedly.
    and thànk you for those clouds that are passing by my window!

  5. dear a,
    those tiles on the 2nd picture are seen quite often here, very beautiful, especially in the old turkish houses.

    and i love the tiles you made! what a great idea!

    hugs to you wonderful woman

  6. Hello ariane,
    diese Fliesen auf den ersten Bildern sind sehr schön, dort würde ich gerne sitzen und Kaffee trinken - es wirkt sehr gemütlich und romantisch erinnert mich irgendwie an Italien. Sieht toll aus. Deine selbstgemachten Fliesen sind aber das Sahnehäubchen . Tolle dc -post. Es gefällt mir wirklich alles.

  7. Oh, wie schön! Deine Fliesen würde ich mir sofort an die Wand hängen. Dazu dann eine Tasse Tee und solch ein blauer Himmel...was will man mehr? ;o)

  8. ofcourse i sit here with a big smile recognizing the rolling pin and the cutting of moist clay :)
    stunning result, the flower pattern in that pure white clay,
    oh how your tiles make me happy Ariane, and how beautiful a wall coverd in those would look,perfectly hand made so much better than machine made.
    thanks for an amusing theme, i have been looking at the clouds too the past days, amazing and always beautiful, xx

  9. Ariane! You are so talented. Those tiles you made are completely fabulous. Have you done them before? Are you going to make more? You could do such wonderful things with these lovely art piece tiles. I could imagine them on the outside of a large flower box. Just gorgeous work you do. N, x

  10. Very cool, your own hand-made tiles Ariane! I also love your tiles of clouds, which look very spring-y.
    Happy week to you, and thanks for this fun challenge. -sus

  11. Beautiful tiles Ariane!! I love them. Sorry I wasn't able to join in this week. But am so glad to wander around now seeing what everyone created..... and I would love a cup of tea! Thank you!

  12. these are just wonderful!
    and so you!!
    beautiful inspiration
    beautiful tiles
    what a great idea

    Patrice A.

    there is a new theme!.....

  13. Your floral tile reminds me of a Lucca Della Robbia!
    what a vast tile post, too! thank you!



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