Donnerstag, 30. August 2018

Dahlia Divas

My Dahlias here are like Divas, 
but headbanging Divas, girrrlz!
(Punk's not dead)

See the bigger picture and there is stillness

Love to you, dear visitor.

x Ariane. Rose

Dienstag, 21. August 2018

The smell of late Summer

Can you feel it?
{the light in the dark? and vice versa?}

you only need to
change your view
to realise that
Love is already

This photo of my blooming Augusta Luise on linen
I embroidered for a little exhibition a few weeks ago.
With its mounting it's able to hang in different directions

I wish you a lovely time.

x Ariane. Rose

Sonntag, 5. August 2018

Summer gathering Geraardsbergen | 2018

It was a warm/hot welcome in the summerly
house of sweet Nadine (tiny woolf) and later at eve we,
Barbara Böttcher and Nadine Paduart, Patrice Aarts and me,
climb on the 'mountain' to find the blood moon behind the clouds.
 I've made this moon eclipse ring for this sensation.

a little bit later, meanwhile, in Hamburg my husband J. took this pic
of the blood moon from the rooftop of the Castle at the Eisenbach ;-)

The next day, Saturday, we've worked in the beautiful mooie
studio with some gelliprinting, drawing, carving, cleaning the world!

delicious food and, and, and pure joy

Patrice's choice of my prints. I like!

At Sunday we've catch the train to Brussels

had a coffee close to the fleamarket

at Marissa's

and we've had a nice dinner at l'atelier de ville,
 a concept store with restaurant, wood works and clothes

and finally, after years of longing to find 
the art of Borremans and Jan Fabre in the royal palace!
But first our ritual mirror photo...
sorry, it's blurry

paintings of Michael Borremans in the bureau of the King from Belgium

the art by Jan Fabre at the ceiling and one chandelier in the hall of mirrors

Nadine's view:

And after having fritjes (look, the colors of Belgium!) 
we've driven/flew back home...

Thank you very, very much, dear Nadine,
for your generously hospitality! Love every minute!
I love us, Ladies: Barbara Böttcher, Nadine Paduart and Patrice Aarts!

More photos? here!

Ariane. Rose.


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