Montag, 29. August 2016

Himmelsreise {Kopenhagen 2016}

Wir fuhren zu einer himmlischen Feier nach Kopenhagen
– ein schöner Rausch!

We drove for a heavenly party to Copenhagen
– a lovely rapture!

Auf dem Rückweg färbte sich der Himmel 
erst donnergrau und wechselte dann zu rosa

On the way home the heaven turned
 thunder gray first and changed then to pink

{Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, liebste Viola!}

[Get well soon, dear Frédéric]

Some more pics? Here

PS: This spontaneously journey was the reason for my silence at the Art Challenge last weekend.
I will come around to you, soon (after a fine nap)!

Samstag, 27. August 2016

AC#197: A Room with a View

Many glasses were emptied
in the Castle at the Eisenbach
and filled, again, in this heaven!

I love the balcony, that view! (the moon!)
that sound of the Eisenbach, the birds and trees! 

It's A {real} Room with a View:


'A Room with a View'
is a novel by Edward Morgan Forster (1908),
member of the Edwardian Bloomsbury Group
the „Bloomsberries"

Have you seen the berry-pink cloth on the table in the vid?

Well... ahem... actually I wanted to dye the cloth
with pearls wrapped inside and outside
for a nice pattern like the negative of berries on it
in the color of berries for this Art Challenge


The cloth dyed completely... no berry-pattern,
too small the pearls, I think, and overnight... hm

Interestingly I've driften in my mind from
 'A Room with a View' by E. M. Forster to another member
 of the Bloomsbury Group: to Virginia Woolf with a
'A Room of one's own'

It reminds me on:
'It's all about the space'
our print of our Summergathering 2016
at Patrice A.'s with Barbara Bee and
woolfy Nadine, our host of this Art Challenge

It's all about the space
to abandon oneself to idleness
to find the creative flow
to hear the inner voice
to follow the heart...

There is no room for myself in the Castle, even not a table
(and it is really hard. It makes me aggressive, sometimes, these interruptions!)
 there is room everywhere
the earth is my table and the heaven my space


For this Art Challenge No. 197 this weekend (27th + 28th of August) 
is woolfy Nadine-tje's our host. It was she, who strikes a chord for 
A Room with a View

Make sure to enjoy the view over at her place!

In the vid I show a photo of Julia Stephen
mother to Virginia Woolf taken by
the photographer Julia Margaret Cameron
aunt to Julia Stephen 
Great-aunt to Virgina Woolf
She started in the age of 48 with photographing

Happy weekend to y'all! And yes, I am happy that we start again with the Art Challenge!

{PS: Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag. liebe Zaroya!}

Sonntag, 21. August 2016

Loki-Schmidt-Garten mit Maman

Maman wünschte sich einen Ausflug mit der Familie. 
Durch die Cyclassics in Hamburg an diesem Sonntag waren die Möglichkeiten relativ begrenzt. 
"Was hältst du vom Botanischen Garten in Klein Flottbek?" 

We meet Maman at the Botanical Garden

Son tries to count the annual rings of a sequoia (1450y)...

 Gegessen haben wir auch: 
in einer Blockhütte im Sibirischen Teil des Gartens mampften wir 
Mamam's Frikadellen und fühlten uns Kanada nah... 

We have eaten, too: 
in a log cabin in the Siberian part of the garden we've nom Maman's meatballs
 and felt so close to Canada... hey, sis and Malina!

More photos here at my Flickr

See you at the Art Challenge No. 197
this weekend (27th + 28th of August)
at woolfy Nadine-tje's!

Wish you a nice week.
Love, Ariane. Rose

Samstag, 20. August 2016


Beim Grillfest bei meinem Arbeitskollegen boten wir unsere Hilfe im Garten an
– und sie wurde angenommen

At the barbecue at my work mate's we offer some helping hands for the garden
 – and they were taken

Ich schwelge, buddel und ernte

I revel, burrow and lift

die Mädels pflücken, wir naschen und werden erfrischt

the girls pick, we nibble and been refreshed

und sehen beim Wachsen zu (und fotografiere).

and watch growing at (and photographs).

Büschel von Salbei

Bunches of sage

und andere Kräuter und Blumen tragen wir auch nach Hause 
{Calendula, Stockrosen, Borretsch, Phlox, Anemonen, Schmetterlingsflieder, 
Dillfruchtstände und Cosmea}

and other herbs and flowers we carry home, too
{Calendula, hollyhocks, starflower, phlox, Japanese anemon, summer lilac, 
seed head of dill and cosmea}


Love it. Thank you, dear N.

What is gardening for you? A burden, a pleasure, a longing?


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