Sonntag, 26. April 2015

dc COAT (No 165)

My favorite coat:
knee-lenght, waisted and with a nice shaped, big collar and coat-pockets
Fly front and even the belt is modest.

 I would add a brooch sometimes or a belt buckle just as an accessory
– and these pink of the gloves for the coat would be nice!

I have collected some twigs of willow catkin 
(their days were numbered... but I temporized the theme of dear Patrice this week ;-)

Ha! and her theme fits perfectly! It's COAT. 
Because of the changing temperatures in April (and May) sometimes I wish a coat, that's soft and cuddly like made of the catkins (and no animal has to die for my wish)

btw: the colors of rhubarb are my favorite, too.

I am late, sorry for that.
Wish you a cosy Sunday evening (Mother natures douses the trees here)
 I will come to your coats, now, via my sweet friend Patrice,
our hostess of this week's drawing challenge No 165! thank you!

PS: even a kind of coat: 
Print 'Hanami' by Patrice 
'Rose and bug' by Ritva Palander
Booklet 'Blossoms' Hermine van Dijck

Mittwoch, 22. April 2015

Ablenkung / Diversion

Das Licht ist so schön
das Grün so zart und der Himmel so blau
drinnen muss dringend
geputzt werden
jetzt ist auch noch der Mond da
- den Auftrag mache ich morgen fertig


The light is so very beautiful
the green very dainty and the sky very blue
inside I have to clean
now the moon comes out
on top of that
- I will settle the big job tomorrow

(and the dc No 165... COAT at Patrice's this weekend)

Donnerstag, 16. April 2015

In Hülle und Fülle

Happy birthday to all birthday youngsters, today:
Dani@ome with sweet baby boy and Stephanie on a farm in Colorado
und ... (wünsche Dir nur das Beste in Hülle und Fülle)
wish you all the best abundant

Für alle: Sonne im Herzen
for all: sun in the heart

Sonntag, 12. April 2015

drawing challenge No 164: GRASS

In my family we love to have a picnic
and I loved to play outside with my sister

Imagine a cave in a clump of flowering shrubs behind the house.
Like in a huge nest my sister and me padded out the ground with fresh tufts of grass, 
built a carpet of it (the adults weren't happy 'bout destroying the lawn)
We played 'neighbourhood' with our friends in the next bushes: we visited us, barefoot, brought some fruits and Schnökerkram, sweets, from the little corner shop.

For this week's drawing challenge No 164 dear Veronica is our host. Her theme is GRASS. 
I have taken my old linocut of green roses {made it in 1993, you find more of it here} have drawn with oil crayon a tuft of grass and added soil.

Strandtreppe, 1970

Strandtreppe, 2015

My sister Irena lives over 20 years in Canada. 
She and Frédéric came for a visit to Hamburg (Mom's birthday. It was her voiceover in a short film by the ecology group in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, started with: "The grass is green, but toxic..." in the early 80th). They are already back in Montréal, now. I have padded the ground of my heart with fresh sweet memories...

Thank you for your visit. 
I wish you a sunny Sunday, outside and indoors!
(in Montréal und Hamburg... and around the world)

For more GRASS please come to Veronica's pretty place 

Dienstag, 7. April 2015

update: {Ostern (Mond) Reflexion} + new dc theme

Auf dem Land habe ich darauf gewartet, dass der Vollmond aufgeht
At the countryside I have waited, that the full moon rises

In der Zwischenzeit fand ich ein paar andere Reflexionen
Int the meantime I found some other reflexions

und dann, plötzlich
and then, suddenly

la luna

Am nächsten Morgen rezitierten eine Freundin und ich 
wie aus einem Mund den Osterspaziergang von Goethes Faust
At the next morning a friend and me recited with one voice 
the Outside of the Gate from Goethe's Faust

(...) Denn sie sind selber auferstanden
For they themselves have now arisen (...)

Wieder Zuhause haben wir unser Familientreffen
Back home we have our family reunion

Hope you are fine, too, dear friends.
I will come to your Keys from the drawing challenge soon! Nosy nosy!

update: Next host of the drawing challenge (No. 164) is Veronica, again (thank you, Dear). 
Her new theme is GRASS for this weekend, the 11th + 12th of April
Say "yes" here, please.


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