Sonntag, 26. April 2015

dc COAT (No 165)

My favorite coat:
knee-lenght, waisted and with a nice shaped, big collar and coat-pockets
Fly front and even the belt is modest.

 I would add a brooch sometimes or a belt buckle just as an accessory
– and these pink of the gloves for the coat would be nice!

I have collected some twigs of willow catkin 
(their days were numbered... but I temporized the theme of dear Patrice this week ;-)

Ha! and her theme fits perfectly! It's COAT. 
Because of the changing temperatures in April (and May) sometimes I wish a coat, that's soft and cuddly like made of the catkins (and no animal has to die for my wish)

btw: the colors of rhubarb are my favorite, too.

I am late, sorry for that.
Wish you a cosy Sunday evening (Mother natures douses the trees here)
 I will come to your coats, now, via my sweet friend Patrice,
our hostess of this week's drawing challenge No 165! thank you!

PS: even a kind of coat: 
Print 'Hanami' by Patrice 
'Rose and bug' by Ritva Palander
Booklet 'Blossoms' Hermine van Dijck

12 Kommentare:

  1. such a rich post! I love that coat of catkins and would love to have a slice of this cake...
    nice evening to you, too
    x Stefanie

  2. ;^)) catkins!
    how i love those
    i used to play with them when i was a child
    made soft beds for them in matchboxes
    your coat is lovely
    i would LOVE such a coat
    in fact i had one (not with a slim waist like yours
    but with the color and softness of catkins!!)
    when Jelmer (youngest) was born
    i still miss that coat....
    thanks for the memories!!
    and that rose and bug ;^))) sweet Ritva!
    and glad you could save them!


  3. your catkin coat straight from fairyland, the star of a post opening doors to a soft, peaceful pink world, artwork you cherish also a coat, just lovely Ariane, xx

  4. i LOVE what you did with the catkins, such an adorable coat!
    ummm, your rhubarb dish looks delicious and lovely too.

  5. You say catskin, we say pussywillow. Either way just imagine snuggling inside one on a cold winter day. Although, everyone who passed by would want to touch your coat and snuggle with you! Lovely post, Ariane. xo

  6. oh my world, what an imaginative mink shiny coat! oh, swell is this? and brought together by memories and sentiment...! you were in your element here, a. your rhubarb tart looks delish, the colours so fetching... n♥

  7. a catkin coat; so often I have touch the softness and tenderness of these, wishing exactly that. a dress or a coat, to cover myself up with their divine look. what a wonderful post to linger around, dear ariane. the colors, the cake, your favourite coat, I couldn't think of more spring feeling than here. thank you! xo annton

  8. Oh my goodness, if I were a fairy I'd wear a pussy willow coat all winter long! That looks absolutely snuggly and warm. Your rhubarb tart makes me want to go harvest my rhubarb and make something yummy too. New DC invitation is up on the blog this morning. :D

  9. Ha. Catkins are the best. Good Idea! Love the last Picture.

  10. Mother Nature sure knows how to accessorize, doesn't she? So fun to see your response to the challenge. :)

  11. Ahhhh, ich kam noch nicht dazu, mir die vergangenen dc's anzugucken und nun bin ich verliebt in Deinen puscheligen Pusekätzchen-Mantel!! Gibt es den auch in meiner Größe? ;-)



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