Donnerstag, 2. April 2015

dc #163: the Key

Palm leave or donkey ear or

Ear of a rabbit or a feather

or just the movement, the direction of it can bring something into one's mind.

Background knowledge is (sometimes) the Key

The cue (Maundy Thursday + Happy Easter!) as a clue...
the Key (dc Nr. 163) Veronica's theme. Here you come for more (from Friday, I am early).

Palm leave from here.
Sorry, no own art today, only some thoughts. I will be offline for the festive season (my sister and F. are here from Canada and it's our mother's birthday, today and I will be on the country side).
And, I would really like to come to your keys but even to your pollinators, later.

Love, Ariane.

7 Kommentare:

  1. have a fantastic family stay out in the country. with a little bit of luck sun and moon will join. hear ya later! n♥

  2. happy easter days to you and your family Ariane,
    yes, even a palm leave could have different meanings,like a key to imagination ;) x

  3. That's a lovely image. I hope you have a wonderful Easter celebration with your family and friends...from my country, Canada! X

  4. i enjoy looking at this lovely piece and considering ears.
    wishing you a lovely time away playing and celebrating!

  5. So much to see and awe over in your one image today. May the family celebration of Easter be filled to the brim with love, laughter and new memories. xo Carole

  6. beautiful post Ariane!
    Frohe Ostern wünscht Dir

  7. Wonderful choice! Happy easter to you!



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