Samstag, 28. März 2015

162nd dc: pollinators

For humblebee and me pink blossoms are so delightful!

Pollinator, mixed media 35x35cm
(just before the humblebee has met the blossom, therefore still without pollen)

Sweet Tammie Lee is our host 
this weekend for the 162nd of these exciting drawing challenges. Her theme is pollinators
Please come to her place where beauty flows for more of them. 

Thank you for your visit. I wish you a happy weekend. 
( At Sunday I will meet Barbara Bee at her marketplace... 
so, stay tuned ;-)

Who is our next host?

Dienstag, 24. März 2015

Großer Bogen - to relate ;-)

About four moons ago
the roof (and the attic) of the Castle at the Eisenbach were ignited



 all the walls are free from plaster and the floor and ceiling are off for drying.
Here you can see the floor of the new attic from the bottom up. My husband took this photo from the flat one floor below. Thank God, we don't hit rock bottom - but we survey what will fit for the future.

Hurray for the twins - they are 14 years old now!
and, therefore, time to give a little present to myself, to my inner punk ;-)
Did you recognize my reading matter in Portugal?

The biography of Vivienne Westwood...
very inspiring and either way surprisingly for me:
fuelled my early do it yourself fashion rises in my mind's eye... cut off the neckline, studded dog collar, stripy mini skirt with zip, Punk, tube dress, creepers, army parka, Mod, Grandfathers old shirts with bottom border, standing collar and loose sleeves looks like from pirates, so New Romantik... all so Vivienne Westwood style! It feels so... good!

So this pair of earrings find their way to the transitory Lionpalace,
to the ear lobes of the Queen Rose ;-)

As you see, pollinators can come from many places. It is the theme of dear


 She is our host this weekend, the 28th + 29th of March.

I will see you then!

Freitag, 20. März 2015


Vor zwei Wochen konnte ich morgens den Mond genießen
(ja, in Portugal, mit der Sonne im Rücken)

Two weeks ago I could enjoy the moon early in the morning
(right, in Portugal, with the sun on my back)

Heute ist eine Sonnenfinsternis gewesen - doch, gerade mal was anderes gemacht und schwupps! war plötzlich alles grau. Ich wusste gar nicht mehr, wo die Sonne hätte am Himmel stehen können...

Today has been a solar eclipse - but, just doing something and Hey presto! suddenly was all grey. I didn't know, where the sun could have been...

Zum Frühlingsanfang pflanze ich neue Pflänzchen und rahme frische Kunst ein 

To the beginning of spring I plant some new plantlet and enframe fresh art 

by Patrice A. - thank you, my dear friend!

PS: Our next host of the drawing challenge is Tammie.
She will announce her theme on Monday, 23rd of March

Donnerstag, 19. März 2015

Wind – still



Es dauerte etwas
bis ich das Rauschen hörte, es erkannte: 
das Rauschen der Brandung - diese Tiefe, unendlich. 
Der Wind in den Wipfeln der Pinien dagegen... 
welch' hohes Singen! Daneben, drumherum quasi:

It took me some time
 until I recognize it: the swoosh by the surge of waves - these depth, no end.
The wind in the treetop of the pines in contrast...sing high!
Beside it, around virtually:

Als der Wind aufkam, wollte ich ihn mit meiner Kamera einfangen. Was ist fest, statisch und was bewegt sich, ist flexibel oder gar lose? Fast schon philosophisch.

As a wind was getting up, I would like to catch it by my camera. What is soundly, static and what is moving, is flexible or even loose? Little short of philosophical.

Sonntag, 15. März 2015

dc: No 161 Spring break

Today I am back in the Lionpalace
(for me another kind of holiday chalet)

and I paint for this week's drawing challenge a Azulejo
with a pair of azur-winged magpie [Cyanotic cyanus] on it
(pretty, cheeky birds which reminds me on my nearly 14 years-old twins...)

Veronica is our host of this 161st of drawing challenge with her theme Spring break
 - please go to her place for more!

Have a nice day!


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