Donnerstag, 19. März 2015

Wind – still



Es dauerte etwas
bis ich das Rauschen hörte, es erkannte: 
das Rauschen der Brandung - diese Tiefe, unendlich. 
Der Wind in den Wipfeln der Pinien dagegen... 
welch' hohes Singen! Daneben, drumherum quasi:

It took me some time
 until I recognize it: the swoosh by the surge of waves - these depth, no end.
The wind in the treetop of the pines in contrast...sing high!
Beside it, around virtually:

Als der Wind aufkam, wollte ich ihn mit meiner Kamera einfangen. Was ist fest, statisch und was bewegt sich, ist flexibel oder gar lose? Fast schon philosophisch.

As a wind was getting up, I would like to catch it by my camera. What is soundly, static and what is moving, is flexible or even loose? Little short of philosophical.

6 Kommentare:

  1. the philosophy of portugal woud most certainly charm me, to say the least. what i see in your images is tons of inspiration. i sense why artists come to these places to get their subjects flowing. simply amazing how wind has been waving its web around your head. you reproduce here your sentiment clearly. i can hear the wind! x n♥

  2. beautiful images
    of a fine holiday
    i can feel the sun
    and the wind
    the sound of it
    thank you!

  3. sehr philosophisch und so schön, sowohl der Text als auch die Bilder.
    xi bee

  4. Wind is an element that scares me for some reason. I fear the power of it and the randomness of it. Yet it intrigues me and I like it for its' power. Windmills and sailing in boats and so many good good things that happen due to the wind. The scattering of seeds, the lift of a wing (manmade or naturemade,) the flying of kites. I think I'm more scared of trees blowing over on top of me or my house due to the wind. It's an interesting element and I am trying to be less fearful of it and more thankful and respectful of it. I like your images dear Ariane. N, xo

  5. such lovely images
    wind can be wonderful and cooling
    or intense and too much
    looks like you are having a wonderful time.

    i would like to host March 28th-29, announcing it March 23rd, topic: pollinators
    will that work?



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