Samstag, 30. Juli 2011

Drawing challenge #26: THEATRE

The curtain rises:
A bic-blue scarabaeus hangs on a bic-blue wall. 
My drawing is a homage to Jan Fabre, to his work.

He works as a painter, dramatist, choreograph and a director. 
Famous are his drawings shaded with the blue pen ball bic... he bic-ted a whole castle, the Château Tivoli in Mechelen.

It was in Antwerp...
the European Capitel of Culture in the year 1993. 
My (posterior) husband and I've gone to see plays of Jan Lauwers/needcompany and
Jan Fabre/Troubleyn, both directors with them he worked as an actor in the four years before.

'Silent Screams, Difficult Dreams', Jan Fabre/Troubleyn:

I sit down on a claret plush chair in the shining like gold auditorium of the
Vlaamse Opera. The light has dimmed. Whispering become silent. Stillness. Then: a whiff. from behind. I hold my breath... its an eagle! started from the gods and landing on a man, prone on stage with a blood-red trousers, topless. The eagle begins to pick some meet and devours it.


It is a synthesis of arts with dancers, musicians, actors... the stage scenery are bic blue painted silk-covered walls, a huge bead curtain, which made a wonderful sound when the dancing girls go through the single string of pearls....


... at least white dishes fall from a great height on the stage and smash to pieces. 

I'm deeply ashamed but I can't remember the story-line... that's just who I am...
but the impact of his sensual pictures still works!


Only at this weekend the doors of the Royal Palace of Belgium in Brussels are open. You are able to see 'Heaven of Delight', the scarabaeus-covered chandelier and ceiling of Jan Fabre...

1 Zwergadler by Johann Friedrich Naumann (1780-1857)
2 New Year's greeting 1992/93 Troubleyn, Foto by J. P. Stoop
3 Hall of mirrors of the Royal Palace of Belgium in Brussels, Foto René Stoeltie for German Architectural Digest July/August 2011

This week's drawing challenge is hosted by rodeo-rider-mom Stephanie at the artfarm with THEATRE. Look at her wonderful stage for other plays also.

It is really fun to simulate sometimes... it is open your mind. 
I wish you an exciting weekend!

No. 26 THEATRE Stephanie 30.07. + 31.07.2011

No. 27 'Metamorphosis' Ariane 13. + 14. 08.2011

No. 28 '?'  Elisabeth 20.+21.08.2011
No. 29 '?'  Nadine 27.+28.08.2011

Who is next? ?

Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

Through the air...

a big cube has arrived the Castle at the Eisenbach from overseas. Its wrapped in a map
of L. A. ...Los Angeles? City of Angels? Rachel? Yes, its from lovely, big-hearted Rachel!

We are dancing for joy!

Carefully we unbox the packet... and fall in love with a lovely, homeneedled tooth-pillow!

Any one of us is totaly touched and grateful of that lovely gifts, thank you very much, dearest Rachel!

Airborned is even a sweet letter from Belgium. Flush with handwritten lines,
paper-based garland and woolen heart... thank you very much, dearest Nadine!


Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Drawing challenge #25: CITY

Once upon a time 
I've flew back from Malta to Germany. During the whole flight I've looked out of the window of the plane and was delighted of the eastcost of Italy. The wonderful landscape and the pattern of a smattering of houses compacted to small towns and big cities laying at the seaside or rivers... as Hamburg do.

My watercolor shows Hamburg, my native city. 
I'm a city child (without a driver's licence (!) because of taking my bike and using public transport). But I'm a city child with longing for country- and seaside.

Cities are growing. 
That whats off becomes in short time the middle. The collage of a painting from 
Philipp Otto Runge "Die Hülsenbeckschen Kinder" and Photos of my children was outside of Hamburg in that time (1810), the countyside for rich merchants. Now, 200 years later, its in the middle of the city and there is the Castle at the Eisenbach, coming from the river Alster... so its my small seaside I am lucky for!

At this weekend 
I've met many of my brothers and sisters of the Nile at the countryside. We've come together from different cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Bremen, Cairo, Copenhagen, London, Luxemburg, New York, Paris, Stuttgart and many other... and from Hamburg.

Many of my dear blog friends from different cities and coutrysides get together for this week's drawing challenge for the theme CITY of dear lovely Rachel. Fly to her place to have a look at more exciting cities.

My thoughts and prayers goes to Norway.

And Amy Winehouse... Rest In Peace.

No. 25 CITY Rachel 23. + 24.07.2011
No. 26 THEATRE Stephanie 30.07. + 31.07.2011

Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

Dk: Antica

The sun is shining in the 'Antica' in Tisvildeleje. During my breathless taking pictures the owner Birgith Simonsen and my son traces the Tour de France.

At the end she has donated me that two marvellous rose doilies below, so sweet!
And do you recognize that glas bowls and the round wooden chinese plate?

Zwischenspiel: Linien und Strukturen / Lines and structures

Ich bin dem Aufruf von Bambi gefolgt: 
Linien... Flächen... Strukturen, gesammelte Werke und ein Sturmopfer auf dem Weg zum Supermarkt.

I've followed the cue of Bambi's:
Lines... areas... structures, collected works and a victim of the storm on the way to the supermarket.

Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

Dk: Nature

The Queen of the Castle at the Eisenbach 
stretch out her feet, perceives the rhythm of the Kattegat with all her senses.

The Princesses and the Prince are more adventuresome...

All right. 
Through a mural of clouds from roses smelling like heaven they climbs to the woods.

They comes to a field of susurrent gras and grain.

Hush! Do you hear that?

- What??

That moo!
- From that blowball?!

No, its a cow...!

- Sweeeet! Can she see us?

Anyhow, the cow finds the leaves of dandelion from you!

Look, they have similar colour of coat...


    Ihr Lieben,  i m Gegensatz zum Tagebuch, das nicht von Anderen gelesen werden soll, ist so ein Weblog etwas, das gerne geteilt wird. So ...