Samstag, 2. Juli 2011

Überraschungen / Surprises

This weekend seems to be without drawing challenge. 
But you are on my mind...
For example, please have a look at these nectarine...
she reminds me on Patrice's work at 'wings' here, 'dream' here and 'letters of the alphabet' there.

And then I have to show you
some surprising boxes I've got at my birthday from my
dearest friends Azalee and Fräulein Miezi...

Beautiful cups with silhouette ... in rose with gold and black.
And an old cigar box with even humorous inhold:

dessous de tasse, a fur brooch - and potholder

and saucy lingerie from the last fin de siècle!

And from Tatjana of Bambi kann beissen these pretty brooch.

Love it all... I'd like to have birthday every day...!

15 Kommentare:

  1. They are absolutely gorgeous birthday presents. From what I can tell, they are all very 'you'!

    The nectarine looks a bit like a baby's bottom, to me.

    Really, Ariane, your presents are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Dear Carmel,
    well, I even think they are all very 'me'. Thank you for recognize ;-)
    Yes, a baby's bottom... wasn't it cute? at the time when your and my kids are babies? - and thank God they are growing up!

    All the best for you and your family,
    xo Ariane.

  3. ;))) on the nectarine/bum side.
    yeah, bummer for the drawing challenge. soon though yeah?

    such wonderful birthday gifts, ariane...
    it all seems to be right in the dreamy spirit you so often offer us. your friends know you well....

  4. a nectarine-bottom
    and you have to think of me

    your post always
    have this softness
    and now I have you
    around me
    thanks to your gift

    happy Sunday!

  5. Sometimes, dear Nadine,
    no, often I need a good dictionary to translate your words. So many words that I didn't know since I read them from you... 'bummer' is one of them.
    And, yes I'm really happy to have friends they know me well...

    Dear Patrice,
    its always a pleasure to think at you... even through a nectarine-bottom.

    From Elisabeth's weekly drawing challenge I've learned many new ways to look at things... thank YOU and the other wonderful artists!


  6. guten morgen du liebe, absolut entzückend der kleine popo!
    und deine geschenke! wahnsinn. das geschirr ist kaum zu ertragen!!!
    es freut mich das es so viele menschen gibt die dich kennen und vor allem erkennen! umarmung, julia

  7. Danke, liebste Julia,
    Du scheinst mich in den Dingen ja auch zu erkennen...
    Hoffe, dass es Dir schon wieder besser geht?!
    Herzlichst, Ariane.

  8. such lovelies!
    greta looked at this post with me and the first thing she said was, " Oh my gosh! a little baby butt!"
    what thoughtful and beautiful gifts.

    has anyone thrown out a theme for next week? I shall be happy to come up with a theme if there are no other takers. I'll read around...

  9. Dear Rachel,
    oh, sweet Greta...!
    Because of the drawing challenge I stay in contact with Nadine. The idea is, to have a break as Elisabeth herself is doing. Maybe til the first of August? or maybe the next two weeks?
    I 'll go on vacation next saturday just for a week.
    So, everything is possible.

  10. no no no ladies, no break, lets do another challenge right now, please come on over and sign in for MONSTER!!!
    hugs, julia

  11. well, if julia insists!! monster sounds fun!

  12. HahahaJulia, hast mich ja schon an der Angel!

    Rachel ist informiert ;-) und die Liste habe ich auch fortgesetzt... Nadine und Rachel haben auch neue Themen. Es geht also weiter!

  13. Das erste Bild... Also das erste Bild... Irgendwie... :D hahahaahaaaaa Nektarine, ja? ahhahahaaaa (ja, ich weiß, man merkt mir mein Alter an) :p

  14. Abundant birthday wishes to you everyday!
    lovely gifts fit for a Queen!!!

  15. Wow! Die Tassen sind toll!
    Ich fan Deinen Blog durch Sandra Juto, schoen wie Du ueber Hmaburg gesprochen hast. Ich bin auch eine Hamburgerin, die aber im "Exil" in New York lebt. Ich aber immer ein wenig Heimweh nach Heimathafen Hamburg :)



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