Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

Through the air...

a big cube has arrived the Castle at the Eisenbach from overseas. Its wrapped in a map
of L. A. ...Los Angeles? City of Angels? Rachel? Yes, its from lovely, big-hearted Rachel!

We are dancing for joy!

Carefully we unbox the packet... and fall in love with a lovely, homeneedled tooth-pillow!

Any one of us is totaly touched and grateful of that lovely gifts, thank you very much, dearest Rachel!

Airborned is even a sweet letter from Belgium. Flush with handwritten lines,
paper-based garland and woolen heart... thank you very much, dearest Nadine!


10 Kommentare:

  1. ha ha ha... i just now find your wonderous post. so glad to make you all a little giddy... :)))

  2. Du glückliche, das sind ja tolle Überraschungen, da macht alles gleich wieder viel mehr Spaß! Und dann noch so schöne Post!

  3. solch schöne post macht glücklich! noch ganz viel freude daran wünscht dir mano

  4. lucky you! always terribly nice receiving post the old fashion way ; )

  5. Yay! It makes me so happy to see them with their gifts. And your lovely, with her head buried in the pillow, adorable!
    Nadine's package is so special. That heart! Be still, mine heart!

    You are so welcome!!
    Thank you for sharing the photos.

    See you on stage...

  6. How wonderful! I, too, got a package from a far away land this week. It's so special to receive something by mail, instead of all the endless e-mails and text messages.

    Lovely, indeed! :)

  7. liebste ariane, da freut man sich aus vollem herzen mit! raschel hier auch noch, kurz vor der abreise, mit papier, ein päckchen für patrice... und ich wünsche mir das wir beide uns ganz bald mal wieder in ECHT sehen! herzensgrüsse, xoxo, julia

  8. dear a,
    i think since the blog trend started,
    snailmail has gotten more popular again. i like this contrast. connecting through the web, creating friendships all over the world, and then going back to old school letters and gifts with the post.

  9. To you all: Thank you very much, again.

    And I think Sara is right: since the blog trend started, snailmail has gotten popular.
    And I think, since the blog trend started, I become more friendly - I'm less leery of 'the others'. Do you know what I mean?




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