Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

Dk: Nature

The Queen of the Castle at the Eisenbach 
stretch out her feet, perceives the rhythm of the Kattegat with all her senses.

The Princesses and the Prince are more adventuresome...

All right. 
Through a mural of clouds from roses smelling like heaven they climbs to the woods.

They comes to a field of susurrent gras and grain.

Hush! Do you hear that?

- What??

That moo!
- From that blowball?!

No, its a cow...!

- Sweeeet! Can she see us?

Anyhow, the cow finds the leaves of dandelion from you!

Look, they have similar colour of coat...

7 Kommentare:

  1. So cute! And funny, too! I love cows, although those furry ones are a little different than what I'm used to. You know, I can actually milk cows! I used to work at my in-laws' farm and I milked cows every morning and evening. :)

  2. wie wunderbar! da sag ich nur: typischer dänemark-urlaub - den duft der wilden rosen hab ich in der nase... und die drück ich mir auch platt am petit-laden! lg und noch mehr so schöne bilder wünscht sich mano

  3. dear ariane,
    many nice findings over there! the sea looks great, cold?
    keep enjoying.

  4. Dear Ansku,
    that must be great! Milking cows... never do that.

    Liebe Mano,
    ja, wirklich ein typischer Dänemark-Urlaub - schon als Kind war es auch so, dass meine Mutter als Beifahrerin wie in einem Ausguck gesessen hat und laut "Antik!!" rief... heute bin ich in der Position.
    Der Duft der wilden Rosen ist tief in mir mit Dänemark verbunden.

    Dear Sara,
    yeah, really cold! I love it very much, its just refreshing.
    And I'll show another place of pretty findings at that...


  5. Wow, that seaside and countryside! And beautiful to see the princesses and prince in the midst of it all. That cow. I would LOVE to see a cow like that. I would pet it all day long, if it let me.

  6. Deine Bilder sind so schön, dass ich will noch mehr nach Dänemark zurück ! Plus die Kühe sind so süß!

    Keep up the nice pictures!!


  7. What a beautiful cow! I love her. She needs some of your feminine sparkly things in her fringe.

    Your children are brave! And they have beautiful hair!



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