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Drawing challenge #25: CITY

Once upon a time 
I've flew back from Malta to Germany. During the whole flight I've looked out of the window of the plane and was delighted of the eastcost of Italy. The wonderful landscape and the pattern of a smattering of houses compacted to small towns and big cities laying at the seaside or rivers... as Hamburg do.

My watercolor shows Hamburg, my native city. 
I'm a city child (without a driver's licence (!) because of taking my bike and using public transport). But I'm a city child with longing for country- and seaside.

Cities are growing. 
That whats off becomes in short time the middle. The collage of a painting from 
Philipp Otto Runge "Die Hülsenbeckschen Kinder" and Photos of my children was outside of Hamburg in that time (1810), the countyside for rich merchants. Now, 200 years later, its in the middle of the city and there is the Castle at the Eisenbach, coming from the river Alster... so its my small seaside I am lucky for!

At this weekend 
I've met many of my brothers and sisters of the Nile at the countryside. We've come together from different cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Bremen, Cairo, Copenhagen, London, Luxemburg, New York, Paris, Stuttgart and many other... and from Hamburg.

Many of my dear blog friends from different cities and coutrysides get together for this week's drawing challenge for the theme CITY of dear lovely Rachel. Fly to her place to have a look at more exciting cities.

My thoughts and prayers goes to Norway.

And Amy Winehouse... Rest In Peace.

No. 25 CITY Rachel 23. + 24.07.2011
No. 26 THEATRE Stephanie 30.07. + 31.07.2011

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  1. Dear Ariane, adorable watercolor, Hamburg looks friendly and peaceful from up there, i adore your sisters of the niles' shawls, beautiful photos.
    Thinking of the Norwegian people too.
    And of Amy, listening to her great voice will never feel the same again. X

  2. dear Adriane,

    what a beautiful watercolor
    of your city!
    so, so lovely
    and I like your words, your story
    the history of the place you live
    the sparkling pictures of your friends
    the beautiful flowers
    and yes
    we all think of Norway....

    about your question
    I had a interior-design to finish
    a big one
    for a client of mine
    but totally different
    than the other buildings
    and four floors
    meaning, the whole building
    one of the beautiful monumental canal houses
    of Amsterdam

  3. {hell of a weekend, isn't it? i agree...}

    you've given us a terrific map of your native city! the view from up there usually is magical, a patchwork of bricks'n'feelings... and a river that runs through it.
    i think i would love hamburg.

  4. Beautiful water color drawing and great photos must have been a very special event.....Good to know another city girl...:-)

    An indeed what a weekend thoughts are in Norway.and then Amy...

  5. Dear Airine,
    Your watercolor drawing and collage are beautiful, love your story too!
    Thinking of NOrway...........

  6. Ariane.
    I love your view of Hamburg, a beautiful perspective not often seen.
    The watercolor is lovely.
    The collage is brilliant.
    Your fellow countryside patrons are so beautiful as well. Your photography is so dreamy and captures subtle beauty in a big way.
    My heart aches as well for Norway and the children, the mothers, father, brothers, sisters, many lives destroyed.
    Amy Winehouse, I admit I haven't listened to her much. I am not that hip. But my heart broke, nonetheless.

  7. liebste ariane, oh hier wurde nun wirklich schon ALLES gesagt!
    amy wird mir auch fehlen, ich liebe ihre stimme...
    wunderschön dein aquarell, die collage ist sehr süss und die bilder "nil geschwister" sind märchenhaft und beeindruckend. darüber wüsste ich gerne mehr... herzensgruss, deine julia

  8. die geheimnisvolle seite der romantischen rose. und ich wüsste auch zu gerne mehr von den schon fast rituell anmutenden wunderschön gewandeten frauen.

    amy. ihr gehen hat man schon länger gespürt. aber wenn eine seele gehen will...und auf der anderen seite. die schreckliche tat in norwegen. so viele. die noch nicht zu gehen bereit waren...

    bambi von traurig und glücklich

  9. dear ariane
    indeed very beautiful seeing hamburg like this. its amazing to watch the world from up in an airplane. the patterns of the landscapes, the roads, the lakes. like an intricate quilt.

    i am a countryside girl which is rediscovering the countryside girl in her. after many years in the cities...


  10. Liebste Ariane, tolle Zeichnung und Collage und dann die geheimnisvollen Frauen...
    Alles andere ist leider nur sehr, sehr traurig und sinnlos, eins wie das andere.
    Liebe Grüsse Barbara

  11. deine bilder haben mich wieder sehr angesprochen, besonders deine wunderbare runge-collage. ich habe einige bände von petra oelkers krimis gelesen, die im mittelalterlichen hamburg spielen. faszinierend!
    die tat von norwegen ist einfach nur grauenvoll und ich bin in gedanken viel dort.
    herzlichen gruß von mano.



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