Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Drawing challenge #24: CLOUDS

I've taken a breath of fresh air. 
Sometimes there are fine rain clouds 
but more often sheep-pile-shift-clouds on a blue, blue sky 
- really heavenly!

At the ferry boat...

listening to ABBA (not Beatles) in Copenhagen...

at the country side...

and saying "farvel" at the sea side.

For more heavenly clouds please take a breath at Nadine's!

update: please have a look at those fairy clouds of la porte rouge...

No. 23 Monster

Nadine 16. + 17.07.2011
No. 25 CITY Rachel 23. + 24.07.2011
No. 26 THEATRE Stephanie 30.07. + 01.08.2011

6 Kommentare:

  1. what a great, GREAT drawings
    of you taking a breath of fresh air!!

    and that sky
    taken from the ferry
    a feather

    happy holiday!

  2. I ever found noses so hard to draw, but you solved both that and the challenge so elegantly, Ariane.
    Glad you enjoyed your trip, a bit of fresh and new air is never wrong.
    Good Sunday!

  3. My dear Patrice,
    thank you. Always looking at the sky last week... funny.

    And fresh and new air, dear Lilli, is never wrong, yes! you're right. Sometimes its clearing the view of life at home, too...


  4. Beautiful drawings Ariane, original and funny.
    I love the idea that we all gazed some more at the clouds the past week and enjoyed their beauty, x

  5. liebste ariane, was für exquisite nasenwolken!
    und die fotos... bin gespannt wo genau du warst, kopenhagen hab ich natürlich kapiert, hoffe meine wege führen mich in diesen ferien auch dort hin... noch 11tage, dann geht's los. innige grüsse, julia

  6. ha, ha, ha... abba. in scandinavia. i like that! you've been chasing clouds some, ariane!
    i am fascinated by your drawings too... fancy a cloudy nose... i find you're rather swell at facial impressions!



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