Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

dc No 166 STARS

Stars over the Lunenburg Heath
and junipers became an awe-inspiring creature

over Portugal the stars are both this March:
romantic and informative

but I remember stars I have seen
bright and sparkling
some years ago

when I fell off the stairs and stopped at the doorframe

But some stars are etched on my mind:

It was in Khartoum/Sudan 15 years ago 
by night and 30°C
when I saw a falling star

which divided in two stars

and a year later I was already a mother to twins (girl and boy)!


{and less than four years later to a baby girl}

Our shining stars!

My mother gave me this last week
(it is made by my grandmother hundred years ago)

and so I decided to try embroidering for this week's drawing challenge
No 166. And, isn't the tambour frame like a space telescope ;-)

The theme STARS is from dear Veronica (thank you for hosting, again!).
Please look here at the firmament to find more stars.

Thank you for your visit!

11 Kommentare:

  1. Sweet and sentimental gift from you Mom. A star dividing into two and then twins! Your stars are shining strong through the wooden telescope. Great idea, Ariane. xo

  2. I love your wooden telescope. And the Twin-Story.

  3. What a wonderful collection of stories which all "end" in this marvellous stitched artwork - I LIKE it!
    barbara bee

  4. such a lovely story
    i love how some experiences stay with us
    and are quite meaningful
    such a lovely needle case
    as is your embroidery

  5. Wonderful stories. And falling stars bring luck!

  6. What an incredible story! About the falling star divided in two, and later the twins! How exciting!
    you are lucky getting those beautiful things after your grandmother.

  7. A creative and lovely work you've done also.

  8. obviously it was written in the stars dear Ariane,
    i like how you combined good and lesser memories and a little precious gift to create something new and lovely, xx

  9. Hi Rose, I read this with great interest! The stars speak to Rose, is the thought that came to my mind!
    Perhaps few people know how to understand what they say.
    Very beautiful antique piece, Wow. 100 years it is not little!

  10. what a gift and then the fix in your head, both literal, and creative... when i was a child, i had to have my head stitched at about right the spot you are indicating. i've a scar to show for it. your loaded story reminded my of my own. and yes! that piece up there is a time-telescope! and all written in the stars for you... n♥

  11. sorry i am late!

    what a wonderful gift!!
    a falling star
    the heralding of the twins!
    such a fine, fine story

    thanks for your story and embroidery



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