Samstag, 21. April 2012

Drawing challenge: A PAIR OF...

OOh my gosh!

I didn't know how many 'pairs of...' I've got at home...



 although one of the pair has been already broken...

 This pair of shoes

 reminds me on a longing visit at the shoe shop...


 I have to safe money...

This week's drawing challenge is hosted by dear Helen with theme 'a pair of...'. 
For this theme I've made a money-box from papier-mâché in shape of a pair of my favorite shoes... because of the prize, you know?

Please put your pair of eyes at Helen's to find more 'pairs of...'!

No. 52 Industrial
No. 53 Connection
No. 54 Garden


Now: No. 57 Helen
'A pair of...' at 21.+22.04.2012


 Coming: No. 58 Patrice with '?' at 27.+26.04.2012


Who is next?

26 Kommentare:

  1. delish, delish! your story building is awesome! i've enjoyed your pairs-at-home and your piggy banks will hopefully fill up to buy to your heart's content!
    wunderbar, ariane.
    i just had to say this in german. i am now reminded of that song!!!
    eeeeeeekk! ;)))

    1. Dear Nadeschda,
      I can hear you are laughing :)
      Tell me, please:
      which song??
      Love, Ariane.

  2. I love your photos with soft, pastel colors! And I agree with Nadine, a lovely story and creative pair of shoes! I really enjoy your post as always, thank you Ariane x Leena

  3. Snaps for Ariane!
    Fantastic narrative I LOVE the papiermache pair of shoes money box!!!!
    Ariane you do narratives really well.

    One of my favourite images is the first one of the goblets positioned on the table cloth with the flowers focussed inside the goblet.

    I really enjoyed this post Ariane

    Helen :)

    1. Dear Helen,
      thank YOU for beeing our host with that theme! i really enjoyed it.
      :) Ariane

  4. hello you!
    this is a great post
    all those pairs
    and than the shoes

    what a joyful start of my day!

    Patrice A. x

  5. hahaha you are great, so smart and wonderful your money box
    o joy o joy i looooove this post and you are definitely the queen of pairs! xx

    1. hahhaha, dear Renilde,
      and what a joy, I use it really as a moneybox... it works!

  6. This makes me want to go out and buy a new pair of clogs.
    Love it!

  7. dearest ariane, because all our blogfriends are speaking english here, i do it too.
    you made my day, i laughed tears because of the shoe-price pic and your scream!!
    so so very sweet! but better safe money for our "maybe-trip" trough germany, over to the netherlands and of course to belgium;).... just dreaming, but i love to! big hug, julia

    1. Dearest Julia, I'll safe money for different chances... so, I have to make more papier machees ;-)
      (btw, The shoe shop is close to your friend)
      Big hug,
      x Ariane.

  8. Wow Ariane..super gorgeous array of images..all fabulous and artful and so beautiful!Spectacular..the colors in all your photos are totally captivating..thanks for this visual journey!So beautiful!

    1. Thank you,
      dear Victoria!
      I wanna come to you're place soon.
      x Ariane.

  9. Ariane, what a wonderful idea! Moneypigs, eh, shoes! You had an awesome lot of wonderful shoes, and other pairs as well, but your moneysaving shoes, well, they topped it!

  10. My, my you do have a lot of "pairs" in your house! Your shoe-bank is adorable! Clever trick with the elastics.

    1. Oh, dear Carole,
      'cuse me, but it isn't my shoe-bank... its in the shop, unfortunately. But, I would be happy to own just one pair of the wood shoes with the clever trick with elastics! I still fill my moneyshoes...

  11. Your pairs are wonderful! All of them : )

    - I am a terrible blogger lately, but though to pass by and say hallo
    - so. Hallo : )

  12. schreib lieber in deutsch, weil ich mein englisch schittidoof finde...

    deine sparschuhe sind anbetungswürdig! und ich wünsche, dass dein objektpaar der begierde schon bald dein königliches paar füße zieren darf!
    und das zwillingspäärchen. das schönste pair of in diesem post!

    the spirit of magnolia ist mit der schneckenpost unterwegs! bin in so was leider nicht die schnellste....

    liebste grüße

    1. Liebte Tatjana,
      danke, ich freue,
      freue mich... auf spirit of magnolia.

      Liebste Grüße an dich,
      x Ariane.

  13. sweet couples, duos!
    and then, the most important duos in your life!
    perhaps i should be happy that i mostly can't fit my shoes into most shoes. :)
    but i still need to save!

    love and hugs

    1. Yes, you're right,
      dear Sara,
      my most important pair...
      here in age of 6 month putting their feet on stage of Thalia theatre in Hamburg ;-)
      Love and hugs, hugs



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