Donnerstag, 5. April 2012

Neues / New

Blüten treiben

buds blossoms

P.S. Weekly drawing challenge at next weekend, 14.+15.04.2012! 
Who wanna be the host and will chose the theme?

10 Kommentare:

  1. blues and pinks for your spring post, these go well together. sunshine in there. even the ice cream is happy...
    i would not mind to host, if it's the weekend you suggest. i think i have a theme. will keep you lot a little in suspense, and announce it over the weekend?

  2. oh, and happy easter, of course!
    plenty-a thrifting around here. hope for fair weather...

  3. Ariane
    those images are breathtaking I love the quality of light and colour just beautiful.
    Always just the loveliest of vignettes and narratives you should put them into a book or an issuu publication my friend
    They deserve that sort of format......have a wonderful Easter weekend and if noone else wants it I can be host for drawing challenge next week and the theme is "pair of...."
    Ill check back to see what everyone thinks later.

    Helen :)

  4. beautiful color-palette!
    if Nadine is the host
    I would love to be the host the weekend after
    I have a theme too ;^))

    happy days Ariane
    see you soon!


  5. so beautiful
    spring blossom
    cheering up each and one of us
    over and over again

  6. Oh yes this IS spring, gorgeous blossoms, the ice cream car is on his tour here too, twice a week and hard to resist ;)
    happy holidays x

  7. happy easter, dear! beeeeautiful photos!

  8. if that is mint chocolate chip ice cream, i will have some please.
    your blossoms make me happy.

  9. here i am; yet again... ;)
    inviting you to the drawing challenge on the weekend of april 14-15th, and very much liking you to join.
    come and have a peek at this.
    in the meantime,
    and happy sunday!

  10. It's so wonderful to see the spring blossoms in blogs, we are still waiting for those... I'm just about to go out for the first bike-ride of this spring, yay!

    I hope you've had lovely Easter holidays!



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