Samstag, 3. August 2013


It is broiling... 35°C... again,
in the Castle at the Eisenbach the colours fade away

I try to do some batik:

and duy a kitchen towel
after a motive of a fern by...  Karl Blossfeldt

alas the water has been too hot and has melted the wax... you can see it on the picture...
so the motive is not very distinctly

doesn't matter
the effect is that it looks more like a fossil, no? 
Fern is actually old like a fossil!
on earth since 360–300 Millionen years. Together with horsetail (genus Equisetum) and club moss (Lycopodium) it builds the basis for deposit of caol.

 Dear Norma is our hostess of the dc with fern this first weekend in August. Please take a look at her exciting place... (even) for a meeting with more artist around the world!

 Wish you a nice weekend.

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Who is our next host?


6 Kommentare:

  1. ok, the water was too hot
    and melted the wax
    nevertheless it's a beauty!
    and that you have done that
    in this heat!!!
    i bow deep for you
    sweet queen

    Patrice A.

  2. ariane, i feel that you have captured fern-ness completely with your batik - and that is not an easy thing to do... i even feel *cool* looking at it! yes, a great accomplishment. : )


  3. ha! mr blossfeldt! thank you for pulling out the master from his darkroom... what a spiffy good idea to batik! but wait a minute! 35° and still boiling water, you are? you're so courageous, when something is on your mind... :)))
    i like the woven cotton effect in your towel showing after the dying process.
    your last but second image looks so, so in balance.

  4. Hi Ariane! You always do such original ideas with your art works. Again, this one is so different and thought full and it is fern all the way. I love that green and red are opposite on the colour wheel and your fern is red. Well, the idea of it is reddish anyway. It's great! I didn't know that ferns have been around this earth so long. It doesn't surprise me when I think about it; they grow like weeds where the conditions allow it. I like the fern photograph of the clumps of spores on the leaf. Beautiful! *smiles* Norma, x

  5. Such a great idea, your batik fern Ariane - I agree with Norma, the red was a good choice.
    xxoo, sus

  6. I especially love the last photo! The batik is a nice idea, even if the wax didn't cooperate in just the way you'd hoped.



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