Freitag, 9. August 2013

cellphone pics and a clip

Ich rausche von da nach hier... 

I swoosh from there to here...

and try to catch up with the dc... fern is still waiting... btw: who is our next host?

I juggle too many balls at once at this time.

Hope, you are doing well, my friends.

5 Kommentare:

  1. Everyone complains they are being torn in too many directions this summer, but I think they are exciting directions, no?

  2. so schön da. und doRt.
    ein oRt zum duRchRauschen. und festhalten.
    ein schönes diR. heRzlich. käthe.
    p.s. kaffee oléolé?

  3. i am
    ok i mean
    and yes, like you, juggle ;^))

    i keep looking at
    that first image
    the grey, the gold, just beautiful


  4. dear ariane,
    those first pics,
    are they from a café in hamburg?
    i have the feeling i have been there...

    big hugs to you
    hope you manage breathing while juggling...

  5. Beautiful pictures Ariane! Love the feeling you have given to them. Yes I too feel the juggling. In some ways looking forward to the fall, but still doing my best to enjoy the present moments. Thank you for your comment and interest in the necklace I created. It will probably be late fall before my Etsy shop opens again - but I will let you know. xo



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