Freitag, 7. August 2015


Mirabilia, Orielle, a brooch by Lyndie Dourthe 
{even the box with the eye of pic #1 is from her} 
on small plates that I have made for the Gala Dinner)

A pleasure ever again, when artwork arrive at the Lionpalace.

If I know the artist also and know, at whose artist's place where printed
I am particularly glad and voel me verbonden :-)
Hartelijk dank!

Die Freude ist immer groß, wenn künstlerische Arbeiten den Löwenpalast erreichen.

Wenn ich dann auch noch die Künstlerin persönlich kenne und weiß, bei welcher Künstlerin gedruckt wurde, freue ich mich besonders und voel me verbonden :-)
Hartelijk dank!

Verbindung Connectie Relation-ship

I started with this blog nearly six years ago. At that time I have worked only two days a week. 
Today I added much more social media contacts like fb, IG and even Pinterest and WhatsApp and I doubled my working hours. It's crazy! 
I love the contact(s) with you, but at the same time I have the feeling, that I lost some contacts. I miss the deeper involvement in the early days. Hm... 

3 Kommentare:

  1. Hello Ariane, my blogging has suffered while hanging out on fb etcetera. It's time again to prioritize and have a really good think about it all.
    They eye in a box is crazy cool. Your photos are always a joy to see. Happy August to you and yours. xo Carole

  2. love this post, beautiful treasures!
    and that you received the print we made ;^)))
    and what you say and feel about blogging
    i feel the same
    as said before i love the blogworld
    because i think it is there where still is time to tell and show
    FB is not my world.... maybe instagram will....
    but my first love is my blog!
    although i have little time and will have even less in the future
    i hope you will stay! as i will
    maybe we have to start the drawing challenge again.... ;^))))

  3. your small plates look the part. the parcels with the eye and the ear brooch... one's gotta love those, so cunning.
    blog. and blogging... it has evolved so very much. a few years ago i read an article on how our way of perceiving is evolving from the word to the image. books are losing their stand, social media of the 'quick' kind, vision, is gaining position. it depends on how one wants to be alive, it doesn't differ from any other time. social media however do their hardest best to make us believe the image is the future. i think it is not, i think it is a whim. writing suffers from all that, and it is more than ever about the accurate word. in a sense i believe the power of the word will reposition itself, but not yet. the image market hasn't saturated.
    i believe these times are great times to shoot up again, weathered by all that came before. i think we can learn from our blog experiences an visual explorations. i believe both go hand in hand, and will become very particular for those who write/shoot images.
    i remember yo said you want to write again. don't lose that intention! i second patrice's thoughts on restarting the drawing challenge. therefore i want to launch a theme for this weekend (or the one after, whatever), you decide. i'll check back tonight and get the preps going anyway.
    we may need action. :)))



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