Sonntag, 28. Juni 2015

dc #172: Plates

 Carefully she balanced the stack of the good plates through the dark hallway 
and then she entered the diningroom angelically

I have not an atelier, but space when f.i. the little one watch 
a fairy tale in TV and no one else need the kitchen table.

 We live in a borough here in Hamburg, where most of the buildings are from the fin de siècle
 (and were not destroyed in the WWII). I enjoy this very much: the adornments which are rich floral, with figures or only faces or just graphically, repeating pattern. I wonder why we do not build like that anymore, nowadays? outside and inside of the buildings? No time to clean that raced surfaces*?

Even the plates have to be tolerant enough for the automatic dishwasher


At this (already!) summer weekend dear Joke is our host with PLATES for 
the drawing challenge #172. I  have drawn with oil pastels on wrapping tissue.

You find me on the balcony, close to the fragrance of the roses and lavender, 
when I look at the PLATES of the others via Joke's blog.

Thank you for your visit.
Have a nice day!


#172 PLATES at Joke's
this weekend


Who is our next host?

5 Kommentare:

  1. That's a lovely drawing Ariane. It's romantic and she makes me wonder where she is. And what happened after she put the plates on the table. I like the wrapping effect. You live in a great surrounding, beautiful. Thanks for taking part, Joke.

  2. I so enjoy seeing your cute drawing! Such a large handful of plates!
    your dishes are lovely, so good that they hold up so well.
    You have inspired me to watch a fairy tale on this hot day.

  3. yes, why do we not build like so anymore? or are we doing it anyhow, but on much bigger scale in huge blocks, only to become of real and time-phased interest long after we're gone? time is such a master, it will tell us all, or nothing...
    ha... rose ariane dear. the balcony...
    my wilted flowers are peonies, dessicated leaves on the table top, i can't bring myself to throw them out yet...
    she's super handy, your youngster-in-plates! n♥

  4. yes, why don't we build like that anymore....
    last saturday i was at a party which was held in a very old houyse
    (you would have loved it!)
    the house, a monumental building, had been empty for 10 years
    all the furniture had remained
    in cabinets layers of yellowed old damask tablecloths
    we even found a lace servants pinafore
    and more....
    your drawing would fit right in

    dear Ariane
    just one more week
    and i can kiss you on the cheeks ;^))

  5. Oh - I love this post, and the fairytale film on tv!
    I couldn't imagine trying to dust that wall - perhaps that is what feather dusters were for?? :)



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