Montag, 3. Oktober 2016


Oktober, also:
Gold, Ernte, Dank, Jüngste hat bald 12. Geburtstag
Abschied, Traurigkeit
und Aufräumfimmel, Metamorphose

October, well:
Gold, harvest, (special) thanks, Youngest's birthday, soon
farewell, sadness
and tidying up, metamorphosis

and much else, right?

 Still life, oil pastel, 24x30cm


  1. you know what i notice, besides having a dab hand at painting and transporting your softness onto canvas? your photography has so grown into a whole! i mean, you really find purpose and depth, and it shows so. beautiful. n♥

  2. Beautiful. October here means more "green" and sowing but its a problem of sout and North jaja. beautiful painting!!!


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