Freitag, 7. Oktober 2016

"Hier (also dort)...

... sehen Sie Bilder von Madrid." (O-Ton


ahem, NO, mean: Magritte!

Max Ernst

Dorothea Tanning

Daniel Wischer, der Jüngere*

Too funny! Bee's cellphone has given her pics from Madrid instead of Magritte, first... 
after some coffee we've been really amused and inspired by the Surrealists!

These fantastic exhibition is in the Hamburger Kunsthalle
(until the 22nd of January 2017 ... Azalé?... Julia da Franca und Claudia...?)

* and afterwards we had some delicious fish and chips with fassbrause at a new restaurant of Daniel Wischer. The old one, you know it, Nadine and Patrice, in the Spitalerstraße has closed unluckily, last month.

Wish you a happy weekend!
Love, Ariane. Rose

PS: these colour of the walls... delicious!

4 Kommentare:

  1. Oh yeah, did you go see the surrealists? What an awesome idea!! Great pic''s. Barb's looking gorgeous!!!
    Fish and chips. Ah. Beloved memory, beloved hamburg, beloved you's!
    Glad at least one Belgian turned up. ....

    1. With a look into the catalog I recognize, that this exhibit will come to Rotterdam in February 2017... beloved memory... fish and chips, today, besides others, for Brussels, liefste Nadinetje!

  2. Dearest friend Ariane,
    I feel the amusement you had as if I was with you. The spark leaps over and carried me away. I smile silently. The Dalí Sofa is so tempting to sit down. Daniel Wischer! funny! The meal looks also yummie but I think because I imagine to eat in your company.
    Love to you
    AZaLee from the river Nile

    1. Ooooh, I am so looking forward, dearest friend! The Dali Sofa is behind glass, but my sofa is free ;-)
      Ariane Rose from the river Elbe


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