Samstag, 17. März 2012

Drawing challenge #53: CONNECTION

We ALL are here at the same time.
Our energy fields are mutually dependent and interacts... like those of this blossoms.

For this week's drawing challenge with the theme CONNECTION please have a look at those blossoms of Dog Rose and Tulips, Snapdragon and Eustomia, Poppy and Peony. 

I've photographed them with a pushed color film... soft, without focus, with big grain 
and lots of light.

So it becomes clear what otherwise is not visible: 
How spheres, energy fields touches each other, though there is a distance.

Feel connected to all the other participants from all over the world:


and even to those who have not published here today, of course!

Now: No. 53 Ariane with 'CONNECTION' at 17.+18.03.2012

Next: No. 54 Renilde with GARDEN at 24.03.+25.03.2012

Who is next? 

19 Kommentare:

  1. Beautiful photos! And an interesting answer to the challenge. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Dear Ariane,
    Oh yes, my thoughts exactly, we are all here at the same time. Well worth a thought; what if it we were here a bit earlier or later, there would be no 'Die Rose' for me to visit.

    Go ahead with Olivia, if you like, it is all about connection. Just like your beautiful 'watercolour-photographs'. Truly lovely!
    Happy weekend,
    Lilli <3

    1. Dear Lilli,
      love your 'Good night, Olivia' (and the story behind) and the letters. I am glad to be at the right place to the right time.

      Love, Ariane.

  3. what a beautiful soft post
    about connection
    yes, this weekly challenge
    connects us with each other
    and I like that very much
    in the meantime
    I would love to meet
    to make a connection in real

    Patrice A.

    1. ... dearest Patrice,
      to make a connection in real... mmmmh, would be great! In the springtime?


  4. Wow! This is so beautiful..the serenity I feel..color- softness and visual diffusion is highly meditative and so very peaceful...these blossoms are absolutely BLISSFUL! Thankyou for this visual meditation of connection!!

    Hugs..this is powerful and gorgeous and deeply have touched my soul!!
    PS; thankyou for inviting me to play!

    1. Dear Victoria,
      thank you, wow, serenity?... thats what I am looking for.

      Now I wanna come to your magic place...

      x Ariane.

  5. Dear Ariane! Amazing photographs and an amazing thought behind them.... how things connect withoout us realizing it. Invisible to the eye but maybe visible to our senses...

    THank you for a wonderful theme : )

    1. Dear Demie,
      thank you.
      yes, feeling... so important. Even because of the fairies, right?

      x Ariane.

  6. i find, ariane, YOU very much draw US together as well, with your creative powers and inventions. i like how you've pushed those flowers into amazing sentimental blurs, which, might i add, suit my current mood very well.
    i'm not just a little sorry not to participate. and i miss you all too, i miss the connection, even feel it slipping.

    i've planned to come visit. i hope i succeed in my plan.

  7. Dear Ariane, i totally agree with Nadine, it is wonderful to connect with everyone through this challenges and you are the one who keeps the fire burning.
    I'm not surprised you took flowers as a sort of starting point here, often i spot them in your house and photos, Rose.
    Touching, tender images and surely we feel a connection, flowers have the power to cheer us up, they share there happy energy. Love it and wish you flowers, everyday x

  8. Ganz tolle weiche Formen und Farben sind bei Deinen Fotos herausgekommen, Ariane, superschön! Sieht wirklich aus wie gemalt!

  9. Hi Ariane, unfortunately I did nothing on the challenge this week,because of all the things that keep me busy about our home and our surroundings. We are very busy with making complains and looking for al kind of stuff we can use. So i'am sorry that i did not post anything and i think that,I can not host this week challenge.Sorry.


  10. Dear Ariane,

    Beautiful photos about connections. Love the softness and the colors- very springy and dreamy...

    Thank you for your very nice comment on blog- I enjoyed this challenge and love the subject you've come up with...
    by the way- I'm thread from the right...;-)

  11. wunderbare farb- und formverbindungen! die zarten pastelltöne passen auch so gut zu diesem ersten frühlingswochenende.
    ich finde es auch ganz großartig, dass diese challenges "all over the world" mitstreiterinnen gefunden haben. dir herzlichen dank, dass du immer alle "collections" zusammenhältst!
    liebe grüße von mano

  12. Dear Ariane, wonderful post with amazing colors and light! Spring, spring, I love it!! Thank you for a nice theme, have a happy week!

    1. Dear Ladies,
      I feel honoured to be connected with you. You are wonderful artists and i love it to take part of these challenges.


  13. lovely lady Ariane - so beautiful and mysterious are your fuzzy spheres of flower photos - so much like our connection to eachother...ethereal, beautiful, profound. We have connected by some miraculous unseen thread across time and space!
    I feel honored too. ( even if i can't get it together to post sometimes!)
    xo milady



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