Freitag, 16. März 2012

Familienausflug / Family outing

 Die Sonne lacht, 16°C... Ein Familienausflug nach Blankenese zum Bismarckstein. 
Dorthin, wo das Königspaar von der Burg am Eisenbach vor drei Leben gewohnt hat.
Mit der 'Bergziege', einem kleinen Bus, der die engen Gassen, Berg und Tal befahren kann, gehts erst runter an die Elbe und dann den Waseberg hoch zum Aussichtspunkt.

The sun is laughing, 16°C... a family outing to Blankenese to the Bismarckstein.
Thither, where the Royal couple from the Castle at the Eisenbach has lived three lives before. With the 'Mountain goat', a small bus, which is able to cruise narrow alleys, mountain and valley, it starts down to the River Elbe and then up the Waseberg to the viewpoint.




For this weekend Drawing challenge there is a CONNECTION with these artist (so far):

  and me with Rose.

3 Kommentare:

  1. and what about me?!
    loving those formations created by the flock of birds.
    and what is that creature with tentacles made of? looks yummy!

    have a nice weekend dear a.

    1. What about you, dearest Sara?
      The answer will be seen here tomorrow...
      The creature is a 'Biene Maja' made from icecream... yummy!

      Have a cozy weekend, hard working darling.
      Love, a.

  2. 16C ??! I envy you! Just an hour ago I watched snow falling down AGAIN, although it has now turned to rain. At this time of year I'm always so anxious to see the spring colors again, it seems like it takes an eternity to get there!

    Have a happy weekend, my friend!



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