Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Vorsätze / Purposes

Erinnert Ihr Euch an diesen  Fächer ? Do you remember this fan ?

Es ist fast ein Jahr her, dass ich ihn Euch zeigte. 
Zu einer Drawing challenge von Rachel mit dem Thema MAP zeichnete ich u.a. eine Reparaturanleitung für diesen Fächer von 1906, dessen Bänder zerschlissen waren. Fertig ist er leider immer noch nicht...
Nun, mit meinen to-do-Listen ist es ein bisschen, wie mit den guten Vorsätzen zum Neuen Jahr: Wenn es nur auf so einer Liste steht, ist es für mich schon fast erledigt...
Lange Zeit hatte ich gar keine Listen, damit ich nicht jedes Mal das Gefühl des Scheiterns haben musste. Scheitern - was ist das eigentlich? Ein Gefühl? Tatsache? Ist es kulturell bedingt? Hier in Deutschland ist man da sehr streng in der Bewertung, während es in anderen Ländern zum Beispiel eher üblich ist, auch mal etwas auszuprobieren, was dann nicht funktioniert. Und, es dann nichts macht.
Kann man Scheitern lernen? Wie ist es bei Euch?

Its nearly one year ago that I showed it to you. 
At a Drawing Challenge of Rachel with the theme MAP I drawed including a repair instruction for this fan from 1906 its ribbon were raddled. Its not finished yet...
Well, with my do-do-lists it is like with the purposes for a New Year: If they are on my list, its nearly done for me...
Long run I haven't got any list, because of the feeling of failure. Failure - what is it? 
A feeling? Fact? Is it influenced by culture? Here in Germany one is very severe with you, when in other countries for example its usually to try it out. 
What not stand the test, doesn't matter. 
Is it possible to learn failure? How is it with you?

Auf ein Neues! Fächer, ich komme. Once again! Fan, I'm coming.

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  1. dear Ariane, you got a point there, failure and culture...there are cultures where the attitude is more one of easy come, easy go. With time our culture has become one of achievement, the more , the better and the pressure can be overwhelming and even unlivable.The high number of suicide can be linked i.a. to this fact.

    On personal level, i believe we can only do the best we can and ofcourse there will be disappointments (maybe try on another point in one's life) but we have to be able to let go(also some practise needed here).
    Or sometimes we can learn things about ourselves which make us reach our goal.
    I believe it's good to reach for a high level but not at any price.

    By the way, your fan looks beautiful :)
    And we see lots of things on your blog were you are everything accept a faler. x

    1. Dear Renilde,
      thank you for your thoughtful words.
      Yes, I have learned through blogging about myself... and there is a healing going on. Especially with the drawing challenges... I remember that I was a bit shaky when I published 'paperdoll' and 'home' and... Today I'm lot less afraid to fail. You and some other blogger gives me poise with your lovingly comments.
      Thank you ever so much!
      x Ariane.

  2. Oh yes, I remember the fan!

    I think different people have different ways of seeing failure. Some think it's the end of the world, some look at the bright sides and what they can make of it. I wish I could say I see the bright sides every time, but I'm afraid it isn't so... Although, most of the time I try to find something good about it. :)

    Have a beautiful weekend, my dear!



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