Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

Sunshine award!

I've received a sunshine award by Anna from Finland. Thank you very much, darling!

Its both, I am happy about it and this kind of attention makes me shyly... But I am not a kill-joy... so lets play!

To follow the rules of this award I'm supposed to reveal some of my favorite things to you.
Tunnustuksen sääntöjä seuratakseni kerron teille muutamista suosikkiasioistani.

color - all tones of red (right now all tones of green, complementary!). Hmmm, actually all colours, but not the 'loud' ones.
väri -   
animal - birds
eläin -   
non-alcoholic drink -  water
alkoholiton juoma -
Facebook / Twitter - Facebook
getting or giving presents - both, but unhappily I am a snail...
lahjojen saaminen vai antaminen -
flower - Rose! and Tulip, Fresias, Peony, Lily, Hydrangea, Naked Lady
kukka -
pattern - Flower. But more I like monochrome with different surfaces, shiny or woolen aso.
passion - life
intohimo -
number - 3
numero -


I wanna give the sunshine award to some women from Finland. Because my own blogging started with them...

It starts with 
1. Liivia
goes on with 
2. Marika
3. Tanja
over to 
4. Leena
and last but not least
5. Helena

...Maria♥... and ... Ritva

6 Kommentare:

  1. Kiitos♥
    Thank you my friend ♥

  2. olé!
    let the sunshine in!!
    great choice of woman


  3. Thank you, very much dear Ariane!!!

    Suur aitäh, Ariane :)

  4. liebe Ariane,

    danke fur die liebe Worte
    maybe it is the weather
    the change of season
    which makes me feel the way I do

    and Industrial
    a difficult one




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