Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2012


The Nature seems to be congeals by cold of winter like this lake.

 Last Tuesday I have seen at the River Alster 
somebody fed Geese and Seagulls... but whats about the Swans? 

These birds are one of the emblems of City of Hamburg.
In month of November the Swans were captured and carried by barge
to a small part of a lake
 called the Eppendorfer Mühlenteich. 
During wintertime specially for them this small part of the lake will be keep clear of ice. 

On a long walk last Friday I have visited them at that place.

  I feel like a paparazzi when I take this photos through the rods of the fence... 
they are good sheltered.

 Plants finds different forms of shelter from cold...


 or were protected by humans.

The wheel of ages twirls
and the days becomes longer soon
vernal equinox will comes and the Swans leave their small lake... 
swim to the River Alster and right into the Eisenbach... a pair of Swans... 'Christian' and 'Christiane'... will breed and give shelter to some little ones.

Dear Renilde is our host this week with SHELTER. 
My drawing shows my imagination from feeling shelter 
of beeing held by Heavenly Father and carried by Mother Earth, each one of us.

 Please visit Renilde's 'home' for more deep feelings.

Love to you!


No. 84 Little Red Riding Hood
No. 85 State of Mind

No. 86 Cactus

Now: No. 87 Renilde with SHELTER at the 15th + 16th of December

who is our next host? and when?

14 Kommentare:

  1. dearest Ariane,

    what a beautiful winter post
    shelter in every thing
    and your simple drawing
    fitting beautiful in the theme
    and the time of the year

    Patrice A.

  2. i'm looking at and reading your post surrounded by all the little winter lights and candles shining in my house and Tori Amos singing, the beauty of your photos, the softness and love in your post are so pure, making me feel intensely happy and sheltered,
    in a way that's what we are doing out here too, offering places of shelter to each other when the world outside weighstoo heavy on our shoulders,
    thank you sweet Ariane, xx

  3. beautiful wintery pictures and such a different interpretation of the shelter theme

  4. your cycles {and circles!} of life as mentioned here warm my heart, as i sip an afternoon coffee before delving into another solitary, yet appetizing take away supper. i'm onto crisps at the moment. when traveling, i munch! ;))). and your drawing is terrificly symbolic!

    splendid weather today and saved by the tube as a masterful shelter capsule, for a rain torrent came. and went. before i needed to get off. ... now, it's peace, quiet and a soft bed. to linger...

  5. Your post is most moving, your photos so poetic. There are so many things that can give shelter, as you have shown here. Thanks

  6. A lovely drawing of our Heavenly Parents, Ariane. I feel so glad to have joined the circle of the Drawing Challenge this fleeting year. A very fine shelter. Glad too, about the Swans having a good home for the winter. xxoo, sus

  7. A real winter fairytale in pics, very very lovely, my favorite is the one with the ducks and all the footprints... and I thinks its always so cute when all swans are sitting in this boat going to swan lake.
    Have a nice sheltered week, dear Ariane

  8. those swans are so wonderful to see like that - having their winter stretch and lucky to be sheltered like that...but your little drawing is simply terrific! I love the softness and movement of shapes- it feels healing and like being held to me- love it!

  9. Love the negative space shapes! Circles! Such economy in your piece, powerful.

  10. Ariane, your drawing makes me take a deep, comfortable breath of calming air. A wonderful shelter to have. Thank you for your swan photos. We have swans here during the winter who huddle together as these one have on the lakes. xo Carole

  11. oh, so white!
    really love this!
    and i do feel that snow gives a shelter and is a comfort.
    thank you, dear!

    you asked about my works,
    before X:mas i cannot promise anything,
    but maybe after? is that ok with you?
    is there anything special you would like to have?

    i send you love
    and kisses anyway :)
    take care
    and enjoy !

  12. Wunderschöne Fotos, schöne Spaziergänge, auf die Du uns mitnimmst!
    Liebe Ariane,
    für mich bedeutet der d.c. auch shelter, wie geht´s weiter damit?
    Und wirklich, Deine Kommentare sind mir immer willkommen und über die letzten zwei habe ich besonders geschmunzelt, sehr sympathisch.
    Fröhliche Feiertage Dir und Deinen Lieben,
    x Stefanie

  13. I think that is the best shelter to have. so thoughtful and deep dear ariane !
    Take care of that arm. rest and see you in 13!

    Your print is on it's way.
    Love to all!

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