Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

dc Cactus

 copyright by Dieter Zimmermann

 My husband's father (RIP) got a window sill with lots of cacti.
 I don't like cacti because of their fending thorns... but their blossoms amaze me.

So for this week's drawing challenge I whitewash a used canvas... scratch with a needle the shape of a Christmas cactus blossom and dye it with a little bit of Carmine which turns pink with the wet white colour:

By the way...
in early days (1100) in the area of Mexico the colour Carmine was made from female scale insects living on a host plant... an Opuntia cactus. That knowledge was for a long time a well-guarded secret. Later (1535) conquerors brought it to Europe... together with plants and insects.
 And we drank Campari, this red drink, didn't we...?


Our host for this week's dc No. 86 is woolfy Nadeschda with Cactus. Please visit her place for more cacti by wonderful artists.

Just have found that dear Hermine has been to the 'Serres of Jardin des Plantes' in Paris... there are wonderful huge cacti :)


No. 84 Little Red Riding Hood
No. 85 State of Mind'

NOW: No. 86 woolfy Nadeschda with CACTUS at the 8th + 9th of December

No. 87 Renilde with SHELTER at the 15th + 16th of December

who is our next host?

13 Kommentare:

  1. Was für eine spannende Technik! Und von diesen Insekten-Farben hab ich noch nie gehört! Danke dafür!
    Frohes Wochenende!

  2. i lost track of time,
    and did not join, so far, even though i had a cactus in mind!
    enjoying the winter, are you, queen ariane?
    love and hugs

  3. see... that's what i mean... more home truths! oh-my-campari!!! try the nigella version, he! campari, red vermouth, sparkling water - equal thirds...!!!! ;)))
    and clever, aren't you? scratching a rose from a cactus needle. only eisenbach queens can do that!
    thanks for playing, and for keeping us all together!!!!!! x

  4. This is nice, I never even thought of the flowers! Your beautiful light carmine Christmas cactus might change my fear of cactuses for a while. I actually think they are a bit threatening otherwise. Maybe because I fell on my brother's and mine cactus collection as a child...


  5. This is so wonderfully great, we had the same cacti on our mind, you drew my christmas cactus and i illustrated your opuntia knowledge, my christmas cactus is flowering against a white wall background looking excatly as soft and beautiful as your painting.
    I make that association with the coccus cacti when i see someone drinking campari,eating red sweets or pink yoghurt and red lipstick lips,
    the red snake in my collage referred to smeared lipstick but coincidence made it snake-looking :)
    have a lovely sunday sweet queen, xx

  6. What a nice windowsill and memory place with cacti. whitewashed canvas and scratching, a fitting choice for markmaking. be well!

  7. Great cactus drawing! I have one that are called novembre cactus, and I do not give it anything, for a long while. When I do at last it is so happy, it starts to blossom in abundance.

  8. just came from Renilde

    like Elisabeth flowers was not
    the first thing which came to me
    when thinking of a cactus
    I like it that you scratched
    the drawing

    Patrice A.

    I LOVE your crocheted snowflake!

  9. Thank you for your lovely lesson on cacti. I too am amazed by their flowers. Such a surprise when they burst forth....such pinks, reds, etc! Have a good week. xo

  10. What a great idea of the whitwash canvas! It looks wonderful and what a great picture of all that cacti! I have a lot cacti but not that much...

  11. I see you and Renilde are on the same wave length!
    I love the christmas cactus, such a hearty, lovely, and inviting cactus (no thorns!).

    Your blooming amaryllis is beating mine to the bloom! Mine has many days to go. The color will be a surprise.
    Warm photos in your most recent post. So much beauty...


  12. Amazing cacti collection and beautiful pastel shade of pink in your artwork looks great on the textured canvas. Im not sure I like my campari sourced from lice though might have to swap drinks to mojitos this christmas.

    Helen :)



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