Samstag, 4. Mai 2013

dc #101: BURLESQUE

This week's drawing challenge is hosted by our hostess Tania with her theme BURLESQUE. 

To show my wilde side... here!... costs conquest. But it is a game, no?  
As I was in the City with my daughters to look for a little something... I am overwhelmed by how eminently industry works for the temptation... I ask myself: Are women feeling their own beauty... or do they need a mirror? A mirror of eyes and craving... or is it for the own joy and lust?

I do burlesque here... I veil... and imply ;)

Let's go! Lights off... spot on! Music, please!

That eternal temptation... it seems as to the manner born... us women. 
Even in natural of nature it's up to... these attraction. Quite without coquetry. 

Please visit Tania for more...

No 99 Tiles

No 100 Dance

Today: No 101 at the 4th + 5th of May with hostess Tania. Her theme BURLESQUE

Next: No 102 at the 11th + 12th of May with Barbara Bee

Follows: No 103 at the 18th + 19th of May with Stefanie Seltner

Who is next?


13 Kommentare:

  1. uuuuuh you did it - and I like it!
    Do you need a mirror? Let me be yours... you´re beautiful I can see feel it in your pictures and words.
    Schönes Wochenende Dir
    x Stefan(ie)

  2. heavens, yes! your 1st of may looks naturally beautiful. all that blossoming could very well be the inspiration source for a theme such as burlesque, which you play seductively, convincingly...! ;)))

  3. 'A mirror of eyes and craving'
    what an elegant phrase
    and such sensual images -
    elegant in emerald green...
    smart work, Ariane!

  4. veil and imply.......loving those words together.........and I love your photos too!

    wonderful and suggestive but tasteful too.

    They are really good Ariane I think these might need to be framed and on the wall.


  5. Beautiful pictures! Wonderful play and thoughts! I love how you let youself fall into that theme, tried out, played around. This is what it's all about. No need to take this too seriously. Just playing with sexyness, with beauty and allure. I think it's quite natural, like you wonderfully compared it with the court of spring! Some women know and feel their beauty, some don't, but all of them even feel more beautiful when they're wearing pretty pieces, receiving honest comliments. There's no doubt about it. Hard to exist without a mirror, at least in form of the eyes of our counterpart.
    Great job, I absolutely love your post!
    Danke, liebe Ariane!!

  6. Oei I love the pictures you made! I like the suggestion of it.... And the inspiration!

  7. Lovely photos with your wild side;-)

  8. olala! Ariane!!
    i must say that with this theme
    on my mind i saw burlesque everywhere
    even in our little village!
    you are such a great sport
    and play this game so, so well
    i saw that via your other post
    that you much enjoyed the sun today!
    say hello to your sweet family from me
    and maybe i can come over again
    one day
    i loved sitting in your kitchen ;^))

    love and a big hug
    Patrice A.

  9. a wild beauty full of burlesque charm and allure - ariane, du verblüffst mich!

  10. Thank you, dear friends...
    I am on the point of delete these photos... but I am next to Cindy Sherman.

    Love to you

  11. Unglaublich, was du aus diesem Thema, zu dem mir spontan gar nichts einfallen ist, wieder gezaubert hast. Du hast mich wieder verzaubert und verführt mit deinen Bildern und allen schlüpfrigen Details.
    Und so wie es aussieht, bin ich wohl als nächstes dran, tja man muß aufpassen, was man so redet wenn der Tag lang ist, wie! ;)
    Darf ich dich hiermit herzlich zur nächsten dc bei mir einladen?

  12. Ariane! That red collar and that green robe!!!! I'm flabbergasted with awe at the beauty. And your beauty. Your dance. Your playful dance. Thank you for it, art friend.
    Yes, this theme made me think of beauty as well...and how women feel about themselves...and about their own beauty. Must it be reflected in order to be seen? Not from a mirror but from the eyes of the beholder? It is a deep query. I loved what everyone came up with for this theme. It was great. Your post was great. Norma, xo

  13. super Ariane, silk and feathers and the soft glow of your skin, don't delete these photos they are lovely, a mysterious dance, hiding and showing, burlesque as it's suposed to be, seductive and elegant, xx



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