Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2013


I could have swear that are very little patterns in the Castle at the Eisenbach...
On my cloth aren't many patterns, even less when it is a top... it makes me nervous... on towels or duvet covers, too...


Catch myself doing apple pieces in patterns of a flower on the pancake...

I have hint you about the renovation in the Castle... one room is nearly finished (the new girls' room is bright white now) and I start at the next to remove the woodchip wallpaper (10 years later it will be back in style :)

from here: Mokkasin

This wallpaper would be fantastic... 
 or this one

something repetitive, with a rhythm... and variations. Love to realize an order since I was a little girl who stared on the Laura-Ashley-wallpaper

This week is my dear friend Barbara Bee our hostess. 
Her fitting theme is PATTERN. I try to hint too many hares and shot none... 

except these variations of the hydrangea 
for a psychodelic wallpaper. 

UPDATE: I tryed hard to remove the white frames and its shadows... and in the end it works on my new blog named roseoutoftheordinary... my tentative blog (thank you Barbara and Nadeschda and workmate Heide, thank you very much :)

Make sure to visit Barbara Bee's amazing blog where you will find a wonderful pattern of many artists, too...

today! No 119 Barbara Bee 19th + 20th of October with PATTERN

Who is our next host?



Have a nice day!

12 Kommentare:

  1. sweet you!
    that wallpaper would fit your home so, so well!
    and the white girlsroom made me ;^))
    my walls are still white, but
    one day there will be some wallpaper though....


  2. let me guess... the white frames... comes with your template design, i think. now. it may be easier than you think. i've sent you a possible solution in a separate email, follow those steps, it will take away those borders. (please save your blog html first).

    i'm sure you have plenty of pattern around in your castle, you show us often enough. i love what that man is doing on that wall, this is something for you, though innit?
    we're all very curious on how you will bring pattern to your new rooms, queenie.
    can't wait.

  3. Dear lovely Ariane, interesting that you thought about yourself as quite non-pattern-alike person. Didn't your last wallpaper had a nice pattern and what is about renovating now and then isn't that a pattern in behavior? Making pics of the moon every month? Sorry my dear friend you can't escape from a pattern life.
    And I like your breakfast drawing - oh, yes and doing every dc - you know what comes now. Pattern, pattern, pattern, repetition is a pattern.
    Barbara Bee
    P.S. Wegen der Rahmen musst du glaube ich ins Dashboard und Layout gehen, vermutlich erweitert und da irgendwo die Rahmen ausschalten.

  4. liebe ariane, dass sich bei dir wunderschöne muster versammeln war mir klar. dein feines frühstücksweißes bild gefällt mir sehr- und die tapete ist der wahnsinn: vorstehen und staunen!
    liebe grüße von mano

  5. Beautiful post, Ariane. I want that pancake!
    I will come visit at your intriguing new place.

  6. liebe ariane,
    apfelmuster im pfannkuchen, dein frühstücksbild, das letzte foto - so feinst und zart gemustert! auch im post am neuen blog!
    lieben gruß

  7. So funny that too much pattern makes you nervous- cause I see pattern in all your photos- soft fluid and lovely :)
    Those pancakes are totally calling to me too!!!
    I hope your renovation is coming along smoothly- and I love your pattern on the new blog :)

  8. so much beauty
    some day i will try to make a pancake inspired by yours, yum!

  9. P.S.
    those dahlia's
    were the last of this season

    have a fine week!

  10. your first photo fascinates me,that light comming in, the soft colors, beautiful!
    i do see a pattern in the fruit and flowers in your home, your love for soft and subtile, your way of telling , learning us something in your dc posts,and i love these patterns of yours, xx

  11. Dear Ariane, your first photo with the line of drying towels is just beautiful and that wallpaper would look amazing in a sunroom or garden themed bedroom. Is the dress in the same photo the same pattern? Have a wonderful week. xo Carole

  12. Spitzenmuster, Tapete, Baumschatten...ein Muster schöner als das andere! Und Pfannkuchen möcht ich jetzt auch! Hmmmm! ;o)



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