Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2013

dc 122 everyday objects


I really love everyday objects by lovely friends, like the
embroidered sparrow on a zip pouch by sunny Kristen, our today's hostess
redolent of lavender cloth by knots Alessandra
tealights crocheted around + calligraphy by Sandra, the art of confusion

they arrived all together at Friday
with heart and soul
they seem very livelily and are telling a story
thank you very much!

Inspired by my friend Fräulein Miezi who build a kitchen for her threeandhalf and oneandhalf daughters from cartons (she painted the whole stove turquoise)
I have made a querl... made it from pliable wire... golden...
fixed it with masking tape on a brush

 So I blend 
the sugar and the lemon with my tea
and weave
 fresh thyme to a wreath

Today's theme everyday objects of sweet sunny Kristen open my eyes around my kitchentable and over the edge... please come to her creative place to find more of
everyday objects.

No 120 Tattoo
No 121 Autumn

today: No 122: sunny Kristen  with EVERYDAY OBJECT(S)

next: No 123 Stefanie Seltner 07th + 8th of December

  No 124 woolfy Nadeschda at the weekend 14th + 15th of December

Is there another host this year?


Have a nice weekend!

12 Kommentare:

  1. dear ariane,
    everyday objects and perhaps even more what they symbolize, those everyday moments. i love those too. and cherish them. and try to remind myself to appreciate them on days when i get carried away with taking them for granted. big hugs to you, sensitive woman.

  2. Der Quirl ist ja wohl mal wundervoll! Und praktisch obendrein! Ich würde direkt anfangen, mit Tee zu malen... ;o)
    Superschöne Bildserie!!
    Wünsche einen schönen ersten Advent!

  3. this whole post is as i know you
    soft, gentle, loving and taking care of all
    the colors, the smell, the sphere, i love it
    i don't know, you are such a dear person to me
    and we only met once....
    i like your delicate querl, and ofcourse it's golden!
    attached to the end of a brush, ha, i like that too! ;^))
    like sara said, you are a beautiful and sensitive woman
    and i am proud i know you

    P.S. is that cup the one i think it is?.... ;^))

  4. your everyday objects are very you, a treasure to look at, slowly; savour 'em, gladly.
    that photo in the frame so attracts me... i cannot make out what it is, exactly...

  5. I love visiting your house ;)
    and so happy the little sparrow made it swiftly to your door- now you have a little piece of me.
    Photos are amazing as ever- especially that lemon and leaf- oh I like that!!

  6. Bravo, Ariane! Always so visually pleasing to visit your beautiful castle. May you have a blessed Advent!

  7. Hello Hello! my dear Ariane!
    ahhhh so lovely to be amongst your words and images again.
    i realize that one of the beautiful things about this drawing circle is the
    calming centering feeling i get from seeing what others have taken the time to your little lovely i can smell it!
    oh, and i sure do love that little sparrow purse!
    hope you are well in your castle!

  8. Oh so beautiful, what creativity, I love that quirl!
    You live in wonderland, Ariane, it´s all in the pictures.
    x Stefanie

  9. I have the same thought as Kristen: I would love to visit! Every time you show us the most wonderful pictures, it just so amazing!!!

  10. Visiting you is a beautiful, calming pleasure, Ariane.
    Your guerl is out of this world cool and yet so practical.
    Drinking tea and painting at the same time. Love it! And that snail!
    xo Carole

  11. Dearest Ariane. So I'm slowly, slowly savouring your blog post. Taking in the splendour of your photos, and reading the magic story you weave of your every day which is today (or the day you posted) and I'm just completely taken with the loveliness of things. The calligraphy writing stopped me so I have to lean into the screen to take it in completely. And then I came across the cup of tea and immediately remembered that I'd steeped a cup of hot fresh black tea which was being ignored in the kitchen. So I had to race to get it and am now enjoying it. It is kind of strong now, mind you. HA! I just put in extra sugar. What a beautiful bird Kristen made. Now I must go and have a visit to your links. Oh what a fun time I am having right now. Thank you friend. Hugs, Norma, xo



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