Dienstag, 28. Juli 2015


Schon morgens schaute ich die Lilien auf dem Felde – nass

Already in the morning I looked the lilies on the field – wet

Nachmittags reflektierte das Licht wie von 99 Sonnen

Afternoons the light reflects as from 99 suns

 Ist es nicht manchmal komisch, dieses Leben?

Isn't it odd sometimes, this life?

Die Fotos hier habe ich heute alle mit dem Smartphone gemacht. Es war schön, spezielle Momente voraus zu ahnen, Licht und Schatten, den Wind, andere Perspektiven zu probieren, aber ich habe Lust, wieder mehr mit meiner Spiegelreflexkamera zu fotografieren
- und wieder mehr zu schreiben, Geschichten, kurz oder lang, egal! Die Königin von der Burg am Eisenbach ist ja gerade im Exil... im Löwenpalast. Aber ist sie hier noch Königin?

These photos I have all taken with my smartphone. It was beautiful, to augur special moments, the light and shadow, the wind, to test an other perspective, but I do want to take photos more with my reflex camera
- and I wanna write again, stories, short or long, doesn't matter! The Queen of the Castle at the Eisenbach live in exile currently... in the Lionpalace. But, is she here still a Queen?

7 Kommentare:

  1. To be Queen or not to be Queen...... is up to the queen.
    xo Carole

  2. The flowers are absolutely beautiful and well fit for a queen! You are queen of our hearts dearest. :D

  3. to me you are the queen of the castle at the eisenbach
    who currently lives in a beautiful palace
    and please write stories with images and words!
    i think i know what you mean
    the blogworld is a bit quiet lately
    but, me freshly using instagram (and facebook)
    know more and more why i LOVE blogs more
    it's the stories and the slowness of the medium
    compare to the fast and quickness of FB and instagram
    i am here
    reading and seeing it all
    as i saw the change of your blog!
    (but didn't mention, sorry!)


    after a late breakfast
    now up to the village
    for coffee and cake with my sons
    Nadine knows where ;^))
    and so will you next year!

    1. ha! i do, do i?
      yes, i believe so. next year, hurry up already!!

      i can follow patrice's interpretation of blogs being the dinosaurs of the virtual world. growing into extinction almost, the ones that stay refine so they become true treasures. i also agree with words&images together. yes, there's potential! waw. i'm getting excited too!! hahahahahah...

  4. The Queen is a Queen wherever she is. :) N,x

  5. in a word, yes!
    life can be odd.

    i like your 99 (wilted) suns!
    i think your images urge you (back) to writing, love, don't you think? i believe image and word are close partners anyway, and one stimulates the other. i believe your want of writing stems magically from your want to turn from impulsive insta-photography towards deeper reflex shoots. i believe the answer is right there. i wish you the best on your quest, on your explorations. will you write in german? i guess so...
    good luck, a. you'll have fun too!! n♥

    in that sense your 'exile' will come in handy... ;))) x



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