Montag, 5. Dezember 2016


J. feeds the seagulls 
I hear their wing beat
next to my heart

With my new biscuit cutter from the Isemarket
 I cut out a bunch of birdies

We enjoy them at tea time
of this 2nd advent 
today, when I even cut some
barbara branches 
of mirabelle plum and apple
{the roses not
they are from Saxifraga
my flower dealer}

Yesterday, at Saturday
I couldn't resist the sunshine
and have jumped into the chillness
Have found some branches of cherry...
at the park Planten un Blomen
[but it's forbidden to cut them]

and so I have put a frame on 
mother nature's beauty

Those cypresses! 
these oak leave(s)! 
frozen or not
an eye candy!

If you want to see more photos
of the frozen park, 
please look here at my Flickr.
I wish you a happy day

Love, Ariane. Rose

4 Kommentare:

  1. ... und nochmal wunderschön...Liebe Grüße, Taija

  2. Beautiful Ariane! Beauty. Nature. Spiritual bounty. The Great Mother Nature giving us her gifts, and you showing these gifts in your way. Just lovely. Thank you friend. N,x

  3. I love your photography. that first photograph even though over water has a deep earthy quality.. beautiful.

  4. thank you much, i'll have a happy day for looking at your thoughtful images...
    and of course now i wish we were there together and we would share these moments.
    oh, i am patient, it's not that.
    it also makes me realize though, i NEED to get out again... what's happening to me?
    thank you for pointing that out.



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