Samstag, 21. Januar 2017

AC #202: DAILY

Round 'n round
Are some days without a limit

Rise and down
To the highest, to the deepest

With touch

Everything is 

Coming up roses {DV}

And: it's a daily decision.

Welcome! to this year's first Art Challenge! 
It is our 202nd of a long row of beautiful art by you, 
my Dearies, from around the world and it goes on and on
more slowly these days (I am out of practice!)

For this AC I've dabbed with my
golden fingertips an universe of pearls on canvas, 
pure meditation like my daily loops.

Please have a look at these artists and their DAILY:
and Lucia and Tammie are in and 
 Annton, too! Ha! and Eric.
 Have I forgot somebody?

Thank you for your visit! 
Wish you a happy day,



No. 202 DAILY

No. 203 at Tammie's
this weekend, the 28th + 29th of January

No. 204 at Stefanie Seltner's
at the first weekend of February

10 Kommentare:

  1. hello, hello, dear Ariane-Rose,

    our daily circles, going round and round, so happy to find here also your catkins, and the way they cover the cup snugly, from the inside. i still want to toss and turn inside that cup, just like the first time (although i may not have expressed myself just like that, way back). anyway.

    the pearls (indeed) made come alive by your fingertips, dabbing gold! that is what you do, Ariane. you dab your days, and our ways, with gold. and i must congratulate you for doing so. we are so assured of your magic, everytime you perform...

    which makes my own post stand out small, not wanting to compare at all! i find i have contributed quite rushed. i feel there's a change a-coming but i can't quite put my finger on it. anyway, just wanted to share this, i do hope i can pop back into blogmode more and use it as the instrument it really is.

    and enjoy that golden touch of day.
    thank you for being the chirpy one, and thank you for hosting!
    PS - i simply LOVE your watercolour box.

  2. Your cup full is a fun thing to see, unexpected.
    And painting with your fingers makes me smile.
    the flowers are lovely among my wintry day, perhaps i will have to buy some.
    Thank you for being our lovely host!

  3. Love this golden daily circles. Thank you for this great AC. Lucia

  4. dear Ariane, my post is up. Thank you.

  5. dear Ariane,
    as much as i want to, i am not able to join....
    so sorry, but i can not find the time
    and besides that my body aches
    i have literally and figuratively
    too many tasks on my shoulders right now

    it is so nice to see your fine work
    those circles and pearls, the soft colors
    i would love to sit in the middle....

    thanks for starting this challenge again
    you are the best host
    maybe next time....


  6. Nice to see some spring in your post. Love your pointillism finger painting. Circles of life:) - eric

  7. Liebe Ariane,
    was für ein wunderschönes Bild ... eine Rose aus goldenen Tropfen.
    Danke für das schöne Thema, auch wenn ich etwas spät war.
    Herzliche Grüße

  8. First of all, thank you for hosting another wonderful AC. Once again I am in love with your picture poetry. And the reference to Meret Oppenheimer makes me especially happy! xo Annton

  9. Ich find es auch so toll, dass Du wieder eingeladen hast!
    Bin gern bereit, nach Tammie zu übernehmen, übrigens.
    Und ich liebe diese Tasse!!!
    Ganz liebe Grüße,

  10. I m fallen in love with the fluffy cup! Greetings, Eva



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