Montag, 8. Oktober 2018

Isolde's Garden | a (long) good bye | Fall

We hear loud strokes of hammer. Isolde moves faster.

Her eldest brother and his wife come to help her to tear down 
her garden hut. The building authority of Hamburg hasn't renew the lease, 
so Isolde (and her twin brother) shall leave this most beautiful place...
the garden hut has to be remove.

My heart sinks

Plank for plank ends in the fire. In the meantime, while waiting
for Isolde's twin brother, we take a little rest under the apple tree and
have some delicious food.

We rescue some pretty apples from a tree,
in case the old Lady hut will sink in that direction... but

'half drawn, half sunk'

 Photo by Isolde M. L.

I find an abandoned wasps' nest under the roofing felt. Isn't it beautiful?

How sad it is, but, that working together, 
the physical exercise, hand in hand, outside with best weather, 
heaven full of apples, makes happy, too. And it opens the way 
for a new place to be, to find a new refuge, hopefully.

Same at Ch.'s (you'll find pics here from a few weeks ago)


there is still a lot to do, e.g. to dig plenty of plants out
 like black currants and jostaberries, roses and irises. a.s.o.

At home in the Castle at the Eisenbach I add my 
harvest and have now a colorful still life with fruits... 

I bake an apple crumble with spelt flour and 
the russets (see above, left), after a recipe of Isolde. 
 A pure harvest festival! Thank you, Dear! in many ways.

Love, Ariane. Rose

2 Kommentare:

  1. isolde must so well chuffed you gave her the honours of reporting back on such a sad story as to lose a most wonderful hiding place in nature, and yes, of course, a new place will be found, i'm sure. and you will take the memories with you wherever you will be threading, because memories are not destroyed, ever...
    oh, i couldn't really watch the pulling down of that cabin... so glad i didn't see the end of it on the little video. it is too hurtful. shelters, cabins, houses... it is sad, so sad, when they are being pulled down... i feel for them.

    but, like you said, wisely, knowingly. there will be new and renewal. ♥

    i find your images ever to become deeper and more romantic. you invest alot of your time in making your photos talk, and they do. well done! bon appetit! ♥

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