Samstag, 19. März 2011


       J = Outline of Japan
 A = Vulcano Fuji
P = Water wave
                      A = A path of cherry blossoms 
                      N = NO NUCLEAR POWER!

Land of rising sun.
A pathless path.
What a task!

For all of us. 

I pay my homage to Japan.
I've taken a brush and black ink and red. Then I stood in a kind of 
obeisance in front of the sheet of paper and draw.

This week's drawing challenge No. 9 'letters of the alphabet' is hosted by upbeat Nadine of woolfenbell. She's got the path to all the other letters from all over the boundless world.

Next week's drawing challenge will be hosted by flowery Milady Stephanie. I'm looking forward to the theme 'blossom'.

21 Kommentare:

  1. Oh, thank you, dear speedy Carmel!
    x Ariane.

  2. beautiful
    and loving too

    great job Ariane

  3. that is powerful, Ariane. and meaningful.
    best possible colours too.
    i love every single interpretation of the word.

  4. oh! beautiful!! truly meaningful, too. <3 my heart goes out to the people of Japan

  5. Ariane, beautiful , thoughtful lines. strong black and that red! so meaningful and inspired. i thought of Japan too! it took my breath away, really.

  6. I just read Rachel's letter and I get the same feeling here. The anxiety of Japan and what happens to humanity vs our common hope and the beauty of life. Let's live our lives according to our beliefs, take care of each other and keep on finding beauty in our everyday life.
    See you, dear friend.

  7. I hope I didn't express myself badly, I meant to say that we all are sad and worried about what's happening in the world and that we need to remind us to take care of earth and our fragile lives. Each other. Remember what's important.

  8. Your Japan was beautiful and the wonderful description....perfect. I can't wait for your next...

  9. very forcefull evocation and indeed what folly to have nuclear plants in such a lovely and such an unstable part of the world. i would hope people would finaly learn their lessons...

  10. Danke Dir, liebstes Bambi!

    Yes, dear Elisabeth, I prefer the positive energy, too.

    Thank you, dear Heidi. Your abc is so sweet.

  11. Dear Airelle,
    thank you - and you're right!

  12. Hello Lovely!
    out of internet at my house. but had to pop over to see. my heart is in my throat all day every day over Japan. So many lovely people, like you, (artists especially) who are giving up visual prayers.

  13. How lovely, dear Stephanie!
    Thank you... visual prayers...that's it! Thats the feeling.
    Hope you'll have internet very soon again.
    xo Ariane.

  14. oh wie schön und sehr besonders, liebe ariane!!!
    ich bewundere dich und einige andere die in der lage sind derart hilfreiches zu sagen und zu zeigen...
    hab von herzen dank, julia

  15. Soo beautiful and inspiring, love the technique!!!

  16. liebe ariane, das ist eine ganz wunderbare zeichnung! es ist schön, dass du sie uns gezeigt hast. herzlichen gruß von mano

  17. I am late again - to everybody's letters - yours of such beauty and sentiment. And cleverness. I can't wait to see your blossoms.I am a little blog overwhelmed at the moment. I am trying to keep up with it all. I love it, but Life gets in the way at times. I am never too far away though......x

  18. Thank you
    for your lovely words. They imply a lot for me.



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