Samstag, 26. März 2011


Damals ... vor 20 Jahren habe ich ein Buch gesetzt mit Gedichten von Else Lasker-Schüler. Als Vorsatzpapier schnitt ich Rosenblüten in Linol und druckte sie in rot auf rotes Papier.

In those days ... 20 years ago I've printed a book with poems of Else Lasker-Schüler. As endpaper I cut rose petals in lino and imprinted them in red on red paper.

Heutzutage ... in der x. Blüte meines Lebens
(wäre ich eine Blume, dann eine, die mehrfach blüht) serviere ich Kuchen auf einer Platte mit selbstgemalten Blütenranken, versuche Blüten zu häkeln und knüpfe Perlen zu Blüten-Ringen.

These days ... in the x. prime of my life
(would I be a flower, than one, which reflorish multiple) I serve cake on a plate with blossom tendrils self-painted, try to crochet blossoms and make perls to blossom-rings.

This week's drawing challenge is hosted by flowery Milady Stephanie.
I'm looking forward to see the whole carpet of wonderful 'blossoms'.

Who is our next host? Jasmin flower with TAIL!
Please fly to Australia and let her know you're in.
... And one week later I'll be our host?
I've got a word already ...

Herzlich willkommen, liebe Megi.

Oh, Welcome, dear Jasmin flower!

15 Kommentare:

  1. dear Ariane,
    I could have known, a rose
    of course, a rose!
    and what a beautiful linocut it is

    the whole post is so soft and gentle
    the crochet blossoms, the beautiful rings

  2. ariane, it is most beautiful, your rose, and on the endpaper of a poetry book too, most delightful! i love it.
    (i am crazy about endpapers in books, by the way, and just todat it's been all about endpapers over here, such coincidence.)
    again! ;)
    i also find the crochet flowers fragile against their background. what will you do with them?
    the paris ring (okay, alright! it's no blossom) is wonderful, but so are your flowery rings though. phieuwwww! some spring over at yours!!!

    lovely to mention the german name for catkins. we all know them, and they have such exotic names in different languages..


  3. Ariane! hello! i'm floating around in ethers finally!
    i am stunned by the soft beauty of your posts week after week. so Ariane - you cover all the aspects of the theme and seeing through your eyes the lovliness of being you. a hint of blossoming jewels and dainty crochet...and of course your art. simply wonderful!
    xo stephanie

  4. how i love that lino work! stunningly beautiful, i'd love to have wallpaper with that print in my home!
    and you made those pearl rings too?? wow!

  5. Thank you, dear Patrice,
    I cannot do otherwise but I love roses. Most of all roses with a delicious fragrance...

    Dear Nadine,
    yes, what I do with the crochet flowers? One time I want to put them like a belt on a dress of my 6-year-old daughter, than I want to fix them on a cushion cover...

    Dear Milady Stephanie,
    I turn pink...
    Thank you for wonderful blossom!
    xo Ariane.

    Hello Maria,
    the lino-roses ... a wallpaper! Bright idea...

  6. Deine Rosen sind so schön!!!Die Häkelrosen sind so zart!Ich liebe die Gedichte von Else Lasker-Schüler!
    Unsere Kinder müssen lachen!!!
    liebe Grüße

  7. I'm totally in love with that crochet flowers and beautiful rings, I love the whole post it' s so inspiring, delicate and soft! I'm speechless with the lino rose, so delicate! :)

  8. dear ariane, very beautiful that endpaper. i wish you could teach me how to crochet! over a piece of that pie....

  9. Dear blushing rosey Ariane. i think that you (and Stephanie) were made for this theme. Pretty. In the true sense of the word.
    Those crocheted blossoms - i can't take my eyes off them.

    Shall I host this week? I won't be able to the next weekend.
    I'll leave my word tomorrow..... ;)

    So now I am 'following' you. and we both have 25 followers ... :)... but i don't know what it means ...

  10. And you know, I sent you a message a few days ago - about twins and birds with crowns on their heads... it mustn't have made it through cyber space....

  11. all deine rosen sind wunderschön - diese zarten häkelgebilde mag ich besonders.
    sei herzlich gegrüßt von mano, die sich noch für deine lieben worte bedankt: wellenschlag, steingeklacker und möwengeschrei haben eine beruhigende wirkung erzeugt!

  12. Lovely, all of it. The colours (as always!), the print, the crochets and the jewellery. You're a great talent. Now I feel like crocheting, although I ought to go to sleep!

  13. Dear blossoms,

    thank you very much. I'm so happy about your lovely comments.

    Dear dancing Sara, it would be so nice to crochet together...over a piece of cake.

    And Jasmin flower, I take the hint with the crocheted blossoms ;-)

    Liebe Mano,
    nachher werde ich mal zu Dir rüber kommen - du hast bestimmt die Worte mit schönen Bildern illustriert!

    Ah, Elisabeth, dear embroidery Queen,
    thank you. I hope you've found your bed...

  14. Der Rosen-Linolschnitt ist wunderschön!!



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