Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012




Hinter der Folie
sprüht ein Arbeiter die luftundurchlässige Farbe vom Mauerwerk ab, nachdem der Beizer über Tage eingewirkte und landet in den großen Kanistern vor der Burg.

Behind the plastic
a workman washes up the air-impermeable colour from the brickwork, after the paint remover acted on over days und lands in the big cans in front of the castle.


  1. ach du schönstes aller blumenmädchen! ich geniesse immer das licht in deinen bildern so sehr! wie siehts mit landpartie aus??? warst du mal auf der seite? herzensgruss julia

  2. hello dear fairy!
    thanks for flying over to invite me to come join Fairy Tale!
    I will put something together tonight.
    busy busy spring for me! working on a shop sign, have jewelry samples due for an enticing opportunity - board meetings, kids performances, banquets just to name a few things i've been up to. I will post a big catch up when i finally catch up!
    now off to soccer games for 2 days in a town far away.
    look for my fairies :)

  3. oops - forgot to compliment you on these photos of plants - the spider greens on pink ! beautiful!


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