Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Reminder: dc SHADOW

While I'm removing woodchip wallpaper from the wall, shadows dances with the peonies.

For this week's drawing challenge with the theme SHADOW are these 
the lovely participants til now:

Anyone else?

Please let me know that you are in and I'll add you to the list. Anything goes. 
Publish your work at the next weekend, the 02nd and 03rd of June.

14 Kommentare:

  1. Guten Morgen,
    egal wo die Fotos entstanden sind.
    Da möchte ich auch hin.
    Die Wärme und das Licht ... die Weichheit

  2. beautiful images!!!!

    Patrice A.

    I will post early (today)
    or late (sunday)


  3. ... oh deine wundervollen bilder immmer, ich kann die köstlichen blumen riechen!
    thank you for this lovely reminder. love&hugs, julia

  4. Das Thema gefällt mir! Werde versuchen teilzunehmen, obwohl ich übers Wochenende verreise. Hoffe, es klappt!
    Wunderschöne Bilder!!

  5. hey! so you've made full use of that wood chipping removing thing!
    it's groovy too, how you've come to call our circle, 'dc'. i like that. it sounds official, like that...

  6. Yes! Yes! me too:)- sorry for the delay...I'm looking forward to this one
    Those Peony's are out of sight!!

  7. Loving your beautiful images Ariane. Have posted today its in with Paint Party Friday's post. Thank you for a fab challenge. Annette x

  8. peonis reminds me of my parents garden in sweden.
    oh ohoh.

    love and friday hugs for you!

  9. Wow Ariane....your dancing shadows and blooms are magnificent! I especially love the vibrancy of the light and at the same time the softness and dreamy-ness of the flowers..I cam almost smell them.. the photos are very multi-sensory for me! Just beautiful! as always..your photos are pure poetry and a feast for my eyes and soul! I am also very captivated by photo#3 and the shadow on the petal..exquisite!!!
    Hugs and sparkles...thankyou for inviting me to this fab shadow party!

  10. Lovely, lovely images, delicate and beautiful!

  11. der schatten im lichtfenster kommt mir bekannt vor und die wand würde ich so lassen. sie korrespondiert auf wunderbare weise mit der vergänglichkeit der pfingstrosen. love!

  12. beautiful. i also love that crusty wall! :) lovely delicate patina and petals.



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