Samstag, 14. Juli 2012


 Oh, how I'm longing for the seaside!

Didn't know it before I've sipped my fingers into the colour and started to spread, caresses and dapple on a small piece of canvas. Thanks to you, dear Carole, our hostess of this week's drawing challenge. 
First I wanted to paint my fingers... with henna, but time was not on my side.

So, please have a look at Carole's marvellous place to see many other amazing artists 
painted with their fingers... or painted their fingers.

This weekend I wanna paint this wall and hence I have bought some pigment like ochre,
raw siena and cypriot umber... and pale gold liquid.

Have a nice weekend!

Who is our next host?

8 Kommentare:

  1. sigh....

    me too
    longing for the seaside
    you catch it beautifully
    with your fingers
    you make me curious about your wall!
    no greyish-green? ;^))


    1. Thank you, Dear!
      Yes, the wall... my husband wishes a brighter, warm tone. So I will paint my chests of drawers in a greyish green, made from pigments of cypriot umber.
      Without a room for myself its important to be ready to compromise... you know?


  2. keep us posted on your wall, ariane, i'm curious what you'll come up with in the company of such promising wall colours.

    but now! this beautiful tableau of yours!! oh my... you make me dream, my thoughts are wandering. you do not need the brushes, seriously... outstanding view from here!

  3. Ariane, first I just want to jump right into that mixture of pure pigment on the plate. It's marvelous. Second, don't you love when a painting or piece of artwork that you've done tells you something (that you weren't aware of consciously?). I just love this story. I just love your painting. Wow!!! *smiles* Norma

  4. Ariane

    seriously that paint looks almost good enough to eat like softserve icecream!

    then your gorgeous painting which makes me want to the beach too.

    You will show us that pigment when it gets onto the walls wont you?

    Have a great weekend

    Helen x

  5. wunderschönes ergebnis! ich will sofort wieder ans meer!
    :-) mano

  6. Ariane, I am with Helen - your paint and painting are good enough to eat - luscious paint! Happy new week to you, sus

  7. i'm thinking 'delicious' and than 'the sound of waves and seagulls' and 'your fingerpainting really makes me forget about fingerpainting, i'm at the seaside now, beautiful Ariane. xx

    your wall is going to be warm and earthly but with a royal touch? you made me curious.



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