Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012


'Once upon a time', 
reminds me the rider of the caterpillar,
'there was a time nor you've dreamed with your sis that you have a treehouse. 
Both of you, each one in the maples standing outside in front of your room. In the smaller one your sis, because she is the younger and you in the bigger one because you are the firstborn. Playing Frau F. visits Frau F. and reverse. 
Sitting high up in the tree you were invisible for the adults
 even for all policing Frau Stempinski...'

 'Dear rider of the caterpillar', answeres the bee in the aneth, 
'haven't you seen the chain bridge?'

'The chain bridge comes from the Castle at the Eisenbach to the tree... '

 'Can you find the wooden treehouse... there, in the maple?'

 Right, early in the morning, still in nightdress, 
I sit on the roof of my treehouse dialogs with a bird. He's got a paper in his beak with friendly regards from you. Thank you!

Today, I've drawed only a short sketch. 
The caterpillar of plasticine is made by my firstborn. 
And after all, the house of my childhood is demolished but the marples are still standing...

Please follow the friendly fly. She shows you the way over to sweet Rachel, our hostess of TREEHOUSE, her theme of this week's drawing challenge! 

PS. To find the answer to the question if NOLA music pleases us, please have a look at the dress of our youngest... its smiling!


Now: No 68 Rachel with TREEHOUSE at this weekend the 7th and 8th of July

Happy weekend!

9 Kommentare:

  1. Ariane,
    I love maple trees. I really do. A perfect place for a tree house.
    And I love that you sit atop!
    We have a walnut tree that is on a rather steep hill but has a beautiful view. The limbs won't allow for high tree house, but maybe one at the base. Because it's on the hill it will still feel as if you are up high. We shall see.

    That Nola music does make you dance, doesn't it!! I'm so glad it's being enjoyed. Dance! Dance!


  2. Ariane, your first two images look as though your table and chair are sitting in a treehouse!
    Sitting atop a maple, visiting with a bird, over a cup of coffee, sounds like a wonderful start to a day. The maples grow very tall here in Canada (check out the Canadian flag!) so just imagine the view one would get from the upper branches!
    Happy weekend to you and enjoy the peaches. xo Carole

  3. Oh yes, next weeks challenge........finger painting!

  4. Hallo Ariane, dein "Treehouse" Balkon sieht ja sowas von einladend aus, da will man gleich mit dir einen Kaffee trinken und dann diese Gladiolen, die sind ja wohl der absolute Wahnsinn.

  5. What a lovely way to start the day! I never had a tree house but I always thought it would be such a delight to have one and have it be the keeper of secrets. I don't know, secret meetings, secrets sharing, secret thinking and planning. Don't you think?

  6. Poignant - the tree house gone, the trees remain... such a soft, sweet sketch, Ariane. xxoo, sus

  7. it's as if you already sit in a tree-house!

    dear Ariane,
    you are a great storyteller
    and I like your pencil sketch
    with you sitting on top
    what a view you would have...

    wishing you a happy week!

  8. sweet Ariane, that terrace of yours has the feeling and allure of a lush treehouse, the flowers, the insects and you sitting there drawing and thinking about another lovely story to tell us, oh joy, thanks, xx

  9. Ariane that bridge to your treehouse is a fun ride just all on its own. Gosh it is well built but gosh it was so high in the air. And how sharp the birdsong sounds up there. It is lovely. I love the bird that comes to visit. Wonderful story and I like your drawing a lot! *smiles* Norma



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