Dienstag, 16. Juli 2013


Am Eisenbach schlägt die Uhr eben 10
und vor der Burg ging die Sonne unter
 (Abendrot macht Wetter gut)

At the Eisenbach the clock just strikes 10
 and ante the Castle the sun sets 
(sunset glow makes weather good)

Wish you light in your heart


  1. diR ebenso!
    die bildeR sind so stimmungsgeladen und haRmonisch. ein guteR tagesstaRt.
    liebe gRüße. käthe.

  2. dear ariane,
    love and hugs from sweden, summersweden.
    so happy to be here.
    it makes my heart lighter right now.

    hope you are good?!

  3. Beautiful pictures- that allium looks like the moon in shadow,
    I believe I gazed at this same moon the other night- funny we may have been looking at the same time :)

  4. A very sweet sentiment. Your photos remind me of a Facebook post from Juneau, Alaska the other day. They saw noctilucent clouds--clouds of ice that are only visible with light from below the horizon at deep twilight.

    Best wishes for good weather days and magical skies!

  5. wunderbare bilder! vor allem der zierlauch hat's mir angetan!
    alles liebe auch dir

  6. Thank you for sharing your light (in so many ways)!


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