Samstag, 6. Juli 2013

dc #110: GOSSAMER

Here you see a cliffhanger... 

to the Time Travel

: looks like I moved into the future last week, right?!


On our way back home 
I watch out of the window of the moving train... traying to catch the pic of the moment... without something for my lens

but as I see the cable, gossamer comes into my mind

are not that wires like a huge net, a gossamer of cables around the world? A web by carriers of energy to the most houses in the world. Imagine all the streams for your sockets say for your light and household goods and computer... even the wireless ones: really a gossamer.

Today is the No 110 of the dc.  
At this first weekend in July, the 6th and 7th, dear Tammie is our hostess with her theme gossamer

Today I have just photos and thoughts about gossamer. 
Please swing to Tammie's to have a look at wonderful artist with their gossamers... 
She pulls the strings

Wish you a refreshing weekend!

 (Please, stay tuned for more photos and stories from the isle of Rügen!)

or do we make a holiday break of the dc? Start again in August? 
what do you suggest?

We have a vacation of the dc til August... 

 Who will be our next host for the 3rd + 4th of August?  


8 Kommentare:

  1. Ariane,
    In this hot, busy summer may I propose that our next DC be "Forged by Fire"?


  2. hello,

    how wonderful that you were able to join us.
    i love your thoughts on communication cables being gossamer threads around our world and wireless even more gossamer! very creative of you.

    your photos are wonderful to see and that interesting building, whoa.

    I have linked you to my post, was working this morning so i just got around to it.

    lovely Sunday to you~

  3. Love the photos Ariane Looks an amazing place to spend some summer time. I love train trips one of my goals is to travel and see countries by rail.

    We might need a break for the summer it wont hurt. Even the creative mind needs a little rest and relaxation.

    Lets see what the others think?

    Enjoy your sun soaked days

    Helen x

  4. Hi Ariane, you took me from the first picture, and the first word, slowly, by visual and written history, until the issue of DC. Gossamer.
    Yes, actually the cables are a real web around the world.
    Congratulations, I really liked how you developed the idea, (your idea)

  5. i think a return to the dc in august might be a terrific idea! refreshing even: fill the pond with nothingness. i am endeared by your mind working the gossamer of the world united. aren't we just, like soft silk filigree, enclosed by it... ?
    i love your waking journey, and i look forward to what comes next. i hope you've had an enjoyable time away with the family? much love,

  6. Herrliche Bilder, ich freu mich schon auf mehr Rügenfotos !

  7. Ariane, you took me somewhere completely unexpected (but delightful) with this interpretation of our theme!
    I am all for a little dc break - agree with Woolfie N - may be refreshing!
    Happy summer days, sus

  8. Liebe Ariane, hab Dank für diesen luftig-leichten Ausflug, mir wehte die Meeresbrise buchstäblich durch's Haar, während ich durch die Bilder scrollte, die Landschaft rauschte an mir vorbei und die Kabel erinnerten mich spontan an das Internet, welches uns auf wundersame Weise unsichtbar vernetzt!



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