Samstag, 29. Juni 2013

dc #109: TIME TRAVEL

It is like flying...

or diving

 it is a matter of perspective...

 and it is a matter of focus

 Is it archaic like to catch something to eat?

 Is it archaic like to have a space which is protective? 
Is it transparence?

 Time travel

 is it a kind of wave-particle duality? a 'both... and'? or a matter of genes? 
collective subconsciously? previous lifes?

"The difference between past, present and future is an illusion,
 even though a stubborn."

I don't know, however...
 like Orlando I time travel... Sometimes it is hard to stay here... 
but my children supports me.

For this week's drawing challenge...the 109th... I repaint a picture that I had made for the 42nd dc called vacation by sweet Greta, daughter of Hi Happy Panda's Rachel 
I repaint a picture for the very first time... ? or... maybe not.... 
Use a bundle of pine needles collected by my Youngest last Autumn for the white and a feather of a seagull for the ink... take that painting of countryside... 'cause, aren't countrysides often wonderful timeless?

Time travel 
is the theme by Sabine... Miss Herzfrisch
Please visit her creative place... even to find more of exciting 
time travellers!

Our next host is sweet Tammie
(to know her theme, please have look on the list below)

I will be off-line next week starting this Sunday... 
will come to your places of today next week

Have a nice time!



Today: No 109 at the last WE, the 29th + 30th of June with Sabine... Miss Herzfrisch 
time travel

Follows: No 110 at the first weekend in July the 6th and 7th at Tammie's with

Who is our next host?


13 Kommentare:

  1. Dear Ariane, love your drawing, love your photos...Have a wonderful, happy, sunny vacation, xox,

  2. Wunderschöne Bilder liebe Ariane, meine Fotos passen perfekt dazu...Seebrücke;-)
    Schönes Wochenende,♥Kerstin

  3. such a wonderful post
    i feel as though i traveled as i considered and took to heart your art, images and words. all such a lovely experience. how wonderful that you also used pine needles and a feather to create with!

    wishing you a lovely time where ever you will be off line!

  4. liebe ariane, auf diese zeitreise bin ich sehr gern mit dir gegangen und bin auch noch einmal mit dir nach dänemark gereist. jetzt habe ich große sehnsucht.
    dir eine schöne zeit und liebe grüße, mano

  5. so feine woRte. so passende bildeR. und ja. ein gRoßes ja. landschaftsblicke sind zeitlos. dein blick ganz besondeRs.
    liebe gRüße. käthe.

  6. why, it's all of the things you propose, of course. such a sensible approach to a theme which is full of mystery. i think it courageous to repaint something, it may show us a lot about oruselves.
    i wish you safe travels, wherever you may roam.

  7. Eine sehr zarte und tiefsinnige Zeitreise, auf die Du uns hier mitnimmst. Und eine sehr schöne Bebilderung der Gedanken. Ein Bild wieder- oder weiterzubearbeiten, würde ich mich glaube ich nicht trauen. Aber warum nicht, wenn etwas ganz Neues und Anderes draus entstehen kann? Bravourös.

  8. My time travel feels like hurtling through space with a jet pack on my back! Your journey is a bit more cerebral, but who wouldn't be transported by summer rain and strawberries, people and objects near and familiar?

  9. mmmm....
    lovely scene at the sea
    soft en sensible
    warm and loving
    enjoy your time and travel ;^))
    Patrice A.

  10. Ariane, I want to live in that tiny travel trailer on the long-ago beach.
    xxoo, sus

  11. great post Ariane

    our concept of time and time travel seems connected to our ability to record memory dont you think?

    tangibly we only have artifacts to hold say a spoon but a photograph is an artefact that can hold time from another time in the real time.

    Your images are intriguing....

    I hope you are enjoying summer

    Helen x

  12. So much like a dream and such a lovely palette Arianne! I would travel around with you in a heart beat :)

    Have a wonderful little break offline :)



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