Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

dc #105: KEY/HOLE

I tell you a secret: 
Once I had a dream... that sort of translucent dream of visions: 
In my hand is a key. Its a heavy, old key... for a big bright, cheerful space... a couple of steps up... it is a galery for art... a joint where you can meet nice people having a coffee or two at round tables chatting... like a salon... with books... much plants and a mural painting 
over a whole wall... an Italian landscape.

Well, I have searched for it a long time... didn't find it... . 
Maybe I have to transform that vision (even though others were true)? 

For this 105th drawing challenge our hostess dear Renilde has given us the theme key/hole

I make a key out of wax. First I let melt a candle...

I make an impression of a key in modelling clay... (feeling like in a spy film)

 and fill in the hot, liquid wax into the form and wait until...

 its solid. 

But maybe it is another key today?

 And: its wax in my hands... as you know...

Please make sure to have a look at keys and through keyholes of the other artists. 
You find them at Renilde's fantastic place.

Wish you a delightful weekend!


Today: No 105 with KEY/HOLE at the 1st + 2nd of June with Renilde
Next: No 106 MOOD BOARD at the 8th + 9th of June here

Follows: No 107  with Helen

Who is our next host?


18 Kommentare:

  1. Wow, I love your key of wax! what a wonderful idea and the story to it...makes it more like a dream or exiting story. I want to know how it goes further! Tell me more, haha!

  2. oh my! you made a candle into a most fairy-tale like key, wax can be transformed into lots of things, maybe your dream or vision is like wax easily to transform into another dream.
    maybe wax and dreams are alot alike ;)
    thanks dear Ariane, loved your story, xx

  3. a dReam of wax.
    gentle. fRagile. and stRong.
    i love it.

  4. wundervoll Ariane!
    Ein Schlüssel aus Wachs und ja, ein Traum!
    Am liebsten mag ich diesmal den spy- Moment.
    x Stefanie

  5. Ariane!
    what you describe in your dream is us
    this circle of dc-friends which will come
    together and maybe we are the ones
    that paint that mural ;^))
    that was the first thing that came
    into my mind reading your story
    besides that i love that white dreamy key
    which is here
    and than not


    1. You are right!
      Dear, it would be great if we are the ones that paint the mural... rejoices my heart :)

      xo A.

  6. playing with wax can be so fun.
    i liked seeing the stages you took to make your wax key. thank you for sharing your vision with us.

  7. beautiful key of white Ariane - perhaps the key to a future dream that needs to be a shape shifter to open the lock.

  8. The thought of a wax key is very dreamy and surreal, Ariane. You are amazing!
    xxoo, sus

  9. hot liquid post!
    mhmmm... a wax key, is provocative!
    great thought, queenie a!

  10. cough! cough! choke!

    that was me choking on my coffee...............if this was my post Id be very happy with it Ariane just damn brilliant really. Love it all the pictures the idea the play on words.

    Helen x

    PS: if noone else has grabbed the spot I think its my turn to play host for DC again. My theme is morning, noon and night. If this week is taken just pop me on the end of the list.

    Have a great week!

  11. beautiful dream Adriane I hope you'll find it ( or make it?)
    the key you used is so beautiful it would make a nice neckless :)

  12. Wow, what a dream and what a key! It's such a wonderful idea to make one out of wax and totally change the character of the material. So great!
    Meike ♥

  13. Bevor etwas Realität werden kann, kommt die Idee oder Traum, ich persönlich kann diesen Raum sehr gut sehen. Manchmal schmelzen Träume wie Wachs in den Händen und manchmal formt man daraus seine Zukunft.
    xo Barbara

  14. diese vision ist auch meine. immerzu. manchmal zum greifen nahe. und mein herz hüpft dann immer vor freude ♥

    seelige herzensgrüße
    von salonieré tatjana ♥

  15. You could gain entry and then melt the key and nobody would ever know...

    N, xo

  16. oh, was man alles aus wachs formen könnte...

  17. I'm melting away! Wunderbare Umsetzung und Raum für soviel mehr zum denke zum Beispiel an heimlich nachgemachte Schlüssel, die man so schnell wieder verschwinden lassen kann...



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